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Found 12 results

  1. HI, I have a local game that I've been playing with family and I was wondering if I am able to migrate that game and put it on the survival server I got. Any steps to get this to happen would be very helpful.
  2. Both my servers are refusing to update from ARK Version 541.5 to ARK Version 542.1 I have been waiting over 1 hour and 20 minutes and the servers are still down. This is unbelievable I'm loosing players and server donations, the players are leaving my servers and discord channel for other servers because they are up and running without any issues. To be honest things like this are a big letdown as I did not expect to have issues like this with your guys as host. I left nitrado.net because I think they are a little overpriced but I never had any issues like this over there. Since I joined you guys and rented 2 servers and paid for them to run an entire year I have been experiencing huge lag spikes (Still going on), Server Rollbacks (which you luck ally fixed) no option to ban people from a Web-Interface I'm forced to login to the game, which is difficult at times as I'm not always in the same place as where my PlayStation is located. and now this servers that WON'T UPDATE I mean what else can go wrong? In all honesty I'm kinda feeling like you guys just don't care and I'm feeling that I should have never rented servers here. `You can say oh the have you tried using Default .INI files but that is not the issue, the .INI files are working perfectly fine` It's 5AM for me, I'm done waiting I'm off to bed. This really sucks guys it really does. - Michael GAME SERVER ID #96502 GAME SERVER ID #96503
  3. Trying to check on a support ticket but the menu item does nothing. Also, when I initially tried to sign in to check the status it said Access Denied.
  4. Hey everyone, I wanted to know if there was a way to add weather effects to ragnarok like sandstorms or mega heat? If so can you tell me how? Also, if possible, can I add the weather effect to specific areas? Thanks, Jb.
  5. Hey guys, Can you help a beginner out. I have purchased a server through SS, and on my control panel it lists the IP/Host address. So then I start up CE and choose online and Direct Connect. It asks for my ip and port. I type in the ip from the IP/Host address and the game port number from the information popup. But then CE just searches and never finds the server. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, PIP
  6. Heya! Aberration is coming out today - I'd like to update the server we play on and have the new map installed (so it's ready for people to play) but it doesn't show up in the choices of maps we can install? Thanks in advance, Alli
  7. Greetings! I uploaded my Gus and game.ini to the server via ftp, but the server is ignoring them and using the SSpanel settings. I really want to use my ftp .ini files because I have a lot of mod engram overrides, but only changes I make to SSpanel work. :/
  8. So I recently rented this wonderful new Exile server from Survival Servers (fastest company I've seen) and I wanted to add Zombies and Demons to Exile so that there was a bit more of a PVE element to it. I also wanted to run the scripts that 1. Force users to have Zombies and Demons and 2. Have the server run scripts to spawn zombies whenever people are at certain areas. I followed the instructions found here; https://github.com/rscaptainjack/ZOMBIES_CODE Downloaded my PBOs. Both the server edition and the mpmissions version. Edited what those instructions told me to. Changed my launch parameters to @Exile;@Ryanzombies; Zipped both files back into PBOs and uploaded them to the server where I got them from. Now when I launch the game I get that memory error (As soon in the image I uploaded). I had other people test it and they get the same. The one time I didn't get the memory error I got Battleeye Script Violation #40. Looking this up on Google did nothing, as people have gotten this error from simple acts such as chopping trees, crashing helicopters etc. Here are my PBOs https://www.dropbox.com/s/tu3dq0yo5paporb/Exile.Altis.pbo?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ryh1gfjmn3c86a/exile_server_config.pbo?dl=0 I appreciate any assistance.
  9. Server originally wasn't created after purchase and was resolved earlier today, but now I am receiving unknown server in the control panel not allowing me to start my server. Any help would be nice as I still can't play on my server sigh...
  10. Well, forgot password,Website being down , it stoped saving my password, i sent and request an email 2 am est...using email based from Username, but not receiving email. Never got a startup email form server birth Confirm..to even know the email system works. Edit*** LOL tried it with no username...And it sent..what and where who knows
  11. Seems to be the place to get attention, i can't get the server going. This has been going on for almost 14 hours now, i tried everything on the list of suggestions, sent a ticket in many hours ago related to a white screen for the control panel that fixed itself 4 hours later, and now i'm about 2 hours into "loading..". Its been for most of the day, No idea where to find a ticket number since after i submitted my ticket i was redirected to a page that had no information about a ticket number. Whole day, shot. ID 5903
  12. I've contacted support about this issue already and they gave me an answer i knew wouldn't work, and then the thread about this got locked so i can't talk about it there anymore so im going to make a new one. My server is currently stuck, no matter what commands i do, what folders i delete, it always resets after a restart to exactly the same time and place. Our 2 dinos are lost in the wilds because we died, i know EXACTLY where they are now because i have run and gotten them at least twelve times, I always enter the server at the same point being attacked by three or four wild raptors that do no damage to me yet im not god mode. our character levels reset to the same each time i was 25 now i'm 18 again. I have used every possible variation on the save world command, we even hoped and prayed that the server might just happen to auto save every so often. We've lost upwards of 50 hours of work now over several attempts and hopes that the server would be working again. I even pulled the world file using an FTP program and reset the server with a fresh world we dicked around with cheats and built some structures and then reset the server again and it went back to the character creation screen. nothing we do is saving this server, all we want to do right now is use up the month of time i bought and then pull the world and use it on our own server, we're just waiting for the linux files, but whats the point in even playing the game if we can't save our progress, I've rebuilt the second floor of our house so many times now I almost know exactly how much wood i need to build 11 walls, 9 ceilings, 1 hatch, 1 ladder, and 12 large storage's. we know this is a server side issue and not a dev issue because i have only heard of this issue here on these forums and not on the ark subreddit.