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Found 2 results

  1. I noticed that there are tons of slow zombie servers for Epoch/Overpoch including the Origins addition but very few for DayZ. I think there's only about 3. I searched around the good old inner web and found nothing released or instructions how to add slow zeds to regular DayZ so that's why I'm doing this one. It's pretty simple and should only take you a couple of minutes. Tools needed: PBO extracter (I use PBO manager) Notepad ++ PBO's needed: Mission PBO dayz_code (should be found in (C:)/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Arma 2 OA/@Dayz) dayz_code files needed: zombie_agent.fsm zombie_generate.sqf complies.sqf (you do not need this if you already have a custom compiles) Instructions: 1. Create a new folder on your desktop. 2. Copy dayz_code to that newly created folder and extract it. 3. In the compile folder, you will find zombie_generate.sqf. Copy that to your desktop. 4. In the system folder you will find zombie_agent.fsm. Copy that to your desktop. 5. In the init folder you will find compiles.sqf. Copy that to your desktop. 6. Using notepad++ open zombie_generate.sqf and find _id = [_position,_agent] execFSM "\z\AddOns\dayz_code\system\zombie_agent.fsm"; Change that to _id = [_position,_agent] execFSM "mods\slow_zeds\zombie_agent.fsm"; 7. Using notepad++ open zombie_agent.fsm and find "_agent forceSpeed (_agent getVariable [""speedLimit"", 3]);" \n Change that to "_agent forceSpeed 2;" \n Steps 8, 9, and 10 can be skipped if you already have a custom compiles. 8. Unpack your mission PBO (dayz_1.chernarus) and using notepad++ open the init.sqf and find call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; Change that to call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "mods\init\compiles.sqf"; 9. In the root of your mission PBO, create a folder called mods. 10. Inside the mods folder create a new folder called init and place the compiles.sqf in that folder. 11. Open the compiles.sqf and find zombie_generate = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\zombie_generate.sqf"; Change that to zombie_generate = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "mods\slow_zeds\zombie_generate.sqf"; 12. Inside the mods folder create a folder called slow_zeds and place the zombie_agent.fsm and zombie_generate.sqf in that folder. 13. Repack your mission PBO and upload it to the server and enjoy the slow moving Zeds! Credit to: ShootingBlanks on the opendayz forums for the hint of where I might find the code to be changed.
  2. Expectations: Be Prepared to be pissed off and frustrated. It happens! Remember you are just starting out. I have been to the depths of the Arma Code and Back. With a mixture of PHP and it's own jargo language, maybe a little java style thrown in somewhere, I would suggest if you are a beginner not to delve into the code yourself. For those that want help with Learning the Mods, I can guide you with what you have not been able to do yet. Zupa is another guy who will back you up and help you with the single currency w/w/o online banking. However Here are some Basic Things you can Do yourself without paying for mods. Requires virtually no coding. I assume you have the tools you need to extract PBO's and have a basic understanding of the SS control panel ALL OF THE FOLLOWING MODIFICATIONS ARE IN THE EPOCHCONFIG.SQF Self BloodBag: Yes! There are two ways of doing so, 1 is paid support which adds the Scroll Action menu to select self bloodbag. However, if you are ok with right clicking on a Blood Bag and want to save $$$ for a more advanced Mod SS can install for you than Follow this:(it's always good to know where to put your money into) ---In your Mission.pbo, you will find a Folder Called Config:In the folder you will see epochconfig.sqf, (always open with a program called Notepad++ just because it is so organized. Learn to love it) DOWNLOAD IT HERE Scroll on down till you see this: //DZE_SelfTransfuse Allows Players to Self-Bloodbag DZE_SelfTransfuse = true; <----SET to true if you want self bloodbag! Right..simple. //DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [blood amount, infection chance, cool-down DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [12000, 15, 300]; No Weight Limit: //R3F Weight DZE_R3F_WEIGHT = false; <----Set to False to have no weight limit Custom Loadout and Where to put what with what ID's (Classnames): Below is what it looks like in your epochconfig.sqf //Customize fresh spawn loadout DefaultMagazines = []; DefaultWeapons = []; DefaultBackpack = ""; DefaultBackpackWeapon = ""; DefaultMagazines is for any item you place in your primary(food, ammo, parts, money) or secondary(bandages, clips, m203 rounds) inventory. DefaultWeapons is for any guns/rifles or kit(hatchet, map, Bbnoculars, NVGs) items. DefaultBackpack is as it would sound, the pack you start out with. DefaultBackpackWeapon =""; I would not alter just because it has it's issues when placing certain items Here is a Good list of Items Id's (Class Names you can use) (http://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=757116) 1 Step Construction is also in the Epoch Config No Plot Pole Requirement GodMode Bases Halo Spawn Tame Dogs All the above is fully available in the epoch config file. Take a look around and adjust your settings to your liking. Remember after all is done, save often, and pack your pbo and upload. If you need a step by step tutorial on how to do this. I can show you. Contact me on here. Slow Zombies: This is one of the easiest mods to install (I have included the slowzombie file you will need) Download the File and Unzip and create a folder in the root of your mission pbo. Root is referred to the main directory. If you need assistance contact me. Create a Folder called: mods (you will be using this a lot of times) Place in that new created folder my attachment "slow_zombies" (unzipped of course) that you downloaded Back out and go to the Config Folder and open up the modconfig.sqf //Delete all text you will see by Survival Servers// (this keeps things clean and organized) on the first line place it like so: //SlowZeds call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "mods\slow_zombies\init.sqf"; // <--Indicates a break and lets you type in a memo or sentence for organizing and finding purposes. Pack up your PBO and Upload. Restart your Server. Voila! Slow Zeds. Literally takes you 2 minutes make sure when you Unzip the attachment you dont place the entire folder into the mods folder. make sure you take the unzipped folder only. so like this: When you double click on "slow_zombies (after unzip) you will see another folder inside called "slow_zombies" that is the one you want. ENJOY! If you would like some other basic help Let me know, and if I made some mistakes or was unclear Please point it out and I will fix it. Thanks Spend that extra $60 you were gonna spend on the above mods onto something more complicated like "paint vehicles", "Master Key mods" Survival Servers has a nice list of mods that even I rather not mess with! Let them handle the harder things I also can help with currency questions. I will try to respond within the hour or two unless I am at work. slow_zombies.zip