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  1. Hey guys we have a growing Community with our Savage Slayers server on PC, come check it out. Expansion Chernarusplus and has a good mix of mods and weapon packs, trader's and a fun community. Dm me on the Savage Slayers Discord and ill help get you set up on our new server- Fadedjoker. Savage Slayers discord https://discord.gg/vZPjgaWw Savage Slayers|US|Expansion|1PP|PVP|Loot+|Weapons+| Server IP
  2. Marauders - Fjordor - RPG - PvE - Hx3 Tx5 XPx3 | SurvivalServers.com Friendly PVE 24/7 Server, Admin presence nightly, let's be friends and play some Ark! Looking to become pvp once kingdoms have been built. I would love to connect/cluster servers with anyone! steam://connect/ Mods: Castles and Keeps Legacy Castles and Keeps Remastered Wooden Hanging Bridges Jack and Jill Full Character Replacement Super Structures Awesome Spyglass Eco's Empires - Vikings Eco's Primordial Decor Eco's Primordial Saddles Eco's Organi
  3. i have a handfull of mods on my server, they all work just fine offline but not on my server. i have them listed in the mod line on the CP and i see them also listed in the config file. what am i missing that i have no mods on the server?
  4. Hi, A common question I see asked on the forums is how to add mods. I'd like to run you through the process. Now in order to get started you need FTP access to the server. You can achieve this by using WinSCP or Filezilla or a other FTP application. There are a couple of things to realise. You have 2 different config files. You can find these in your /Instance/ folder. SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg. Found in /Instance/. This file will allow you to set up group settings. Sandbox_config.sbc. Found in /Instance/Saves/*Yourworldname*/. This allows you to set up mods and change
  5. Our community has decided to turn all our servers into a cluster between 5 maps The Island: IP: PORT: 19317 Aberration: IP: PORT: 19917 Ragnarok: IP: PORT: 25117 Valguero: IP: PORT: 19717 Genesis: IP: PORT: 20417 Feel free to join our Discord to stay up to date for events or when servers have mod updates Discord: https://discord.gg/ZRGSMA5ubD Mod list: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2463662281
  6. Come join our new community and experience ark the way it’s meant to be played
  7. NoMercy ☆ DayZ server made with attention to details, requiring more than just the basics ☆ Discord: https://discord.gg/fSaqsQWgkz IP: Name: NoMercy Map: chernarusplus Platform: PC In order to survive, it is not enough to master a few boring techniques proposed by the creators, but it is necessary to expand your survival skills with new experiences. We want every player to immerse themselves in the post-apocalyptic zombie world and be able to take full advantage of the DayZ potential. ▪︎ To survive, it is essential to obtain food from a variety of sources,
  8. So i can join my server right now because the server and the mods don't match. How do i update the mod on the server side of it. I looked around the control panel and googled searched ant i have come to no results. If anyone could help me out that would be great
  9. Drox

    Adding mods

    I am not a programmer. But i got the basics of coding. But i am so confused. I have loaded up the mods. I have the winscp program and have logged in to make the adjustments to the mods I want. How do I activate them. Do I have to do the -mod=(mod name and location) for every single mod. Or just the directory they are in?
  10. When I try to add another mod the entire server stops working , It stops responding. I am putting a comma between every id.
  11. NEW Valguero Modded Server Open To Public!!! Family-Oriented new server with plenty of room to play. Only rules is there is NO griefing or trolling and respect at all times! NO Drama! Mods: Platforms Plus Structures Plus Auto Engrams Classic Flyers Ultra Stacks Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered Platforms Anywhere Eco's Garden Décor Bore Water Kit Mini Industrial Forge Teleport Pad 1.4 Freestanding Oil Pump
  12. An Intro. My son said he'd like a Minecraft server. I rented a 4GB 2CPU instance yesterday using the Ubuntu Minecraft 1.15.2 image, I put the UFW firewall up and opened both TCP and UDP to the default game and rcon ports, enabled rcon, gave it a password. I've allowed 200 players, he wants to get his school playing. I changed the systemd start command to give 3GB to the java run line and it now says ExecStart=/usr/bin/screen -DmS mc-%i /usr/bin/java -Xmx3G -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui I do not know the slightest bit about gameplay, when I log in I just stand there, dig a hole and
  13. So my server wont load all my mods. But the kicker is sometimes it will and the mods it wont load changes each time I log in. I have about 14 mods on my server. I thought it was just mod update issues but I have double checked for that. I have also tried changing the mod order. That dosent seem to work either. I also created a mod collection but that didnt load correctly either. Any Ideas?
  14. Looking for a guide or video on how to add mods to the server using the 7dtd survival server I just bought. Any help would be much appreciated!
  15. Hey all, We run a small 10 slot private Ark server. We seem to be having trouble with a mod we are trying to add. The mod ID is in the list. In the #1 load order slot. The problem seems to be that while installing the mod during the restart 2 nights ago, the restart must have been interrupted. I had to manually go in and force a restart because the server had not come back after over an hour with the control panel still reporting "Stopped." My question is, Is there a way to Delete the mod out of a mod folder via FTP to FORCE the server to re-download the mod in question? I have
  16. Hey guys I was just wondering if it is possible to add zombies to my modded server? and if so how would i go about doing so. any help is greatly appreciated UPDATE- im just a derp they are called "murderers" not zombies and i figured out how to get them on
  17. Nezbit


    for some reason I can not get the traders mod to work on my server they do not show up on the map ?
  18. My server will not let me change the map configuration to "Custom". It simply gives me an error saying that the item is too short.
  19. I rent a server from survival servers for ark on PC and i add 3 mods before after that i change the map to custom map and i want to also change the mods i take a modpack from YouTube and i copy the mod IDs and i write it after server is ready i couldn't find any mod except the map it run successfully i want to know whats the problem plz can help me sorry for the language i don't know English very well
  20. Hey guys, this is my first time using any form of rented server for ARK. I've downloaded a few mods but I notice some issues with my server and a few bugs. How exactly would I be able to remove all the mods without deleting my save files?
  21. Earthly


    I want mods in my server who can help me with that
  22. I am doing some custom plugins leveraging the ArkApi (now AtlasApi). Plugins work that is all fine but I noticed that even if I unload the plugin I can not replace the file as it says it is locked. Best guess I had was that it is locked from "redis" but I am not seeing a feasible way to stop that temporarily to test my theory. I know this might not seem pressing but as people get plugins I am sure this will become more of an issue. Thanks!
  23. So what Mods are you all running on your servers and why? What makes them great?
  24. merx

    DayZ Workshop Mods?

    I see that there is a workshop in steam for DayZ Mods, but there is no place in the Server CP to add the Steam ID's for them like in other games like ARK etc. How do we go about adding Steam Workshop mods to our servers?