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  1. I had to refresh multiple times for it to update fully. Hopefully you finally got it to work last night.
  2. It's up now. Refresh and it should be available.
  3. Are we really going to have to wait 2 days for the update again? Come on, guys...
  4. WildCard just pushed a large update to the game and it's likely that Survival Servers does not have it yet.
  5. Mine is as well, but it is running despite this somehow.
  6. I'm willing to guess it's in the wrong area of the game.ini code.
  7. As an admin command, type in Cheat SaveWorld. This forces the server to save. Otherwise, in the server settings there is an interval setting, usually of 15-20 minutes. Any faster than that could cause some serious lag.
  8. Is there a setting in the harvestable items drop rate that changes the drop rate of element dust specifically, and not just element? I don't see it listed but there are a few oddly named options to change. I have a Valguero server and would love to increase the drop rate of dust from Tek creatures. 14 dust seems a bit low. Thank you!
  9. My server is now stuck at "Loading..." and "Ark Version ???" Edit: Apparently I'm just impatient. It's working now. Thanks guys!!
  10. There is a thread about this below. They are applying the update to their machines right now.
  11. What is the ping for the players that are having issues? How far away is the server host location from the players? Do you have multiple massive structures on the map?
  12. Are you on the Center map by any chance? I've experienced this bug. Also, what is your difficulty setting and food/water/stamina drain set to?
  13. I agree that this feature would be fantastic to have. I also have several players on my server that have offered to donate to the upkeep of the server but I feel Paypal is too... formal?
  14. It would be convenient for them to have a phone number to call. Hopefully Ryan is alright and they're only having trouble getting a hold of him because he has a hold of his soon to be spouse.