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  1. GAME SERVER ID #57426 We all just got kicked. Server Status Unknown ... yay
  2. Staff intervention One of our staff members is currently intervening on your server. You may not start, stop, restart, or update your game server until the intervention lock is removed. This could be due to one of your open support tickets or maintenance on the machine your game server is located on. I don't get it. No warning, nothing. Just can't play on the server I'm paying for. I understand hardware issues, updating and or replacing the physical machines... In my previous experience this is done off hours and days, not friday mid-day. AND in most cases unless extreme emergency, they transfer your server info to another machine so there is NO downtime for the end users. No, I have no open tickets. The issues I have with the server are not really ticketable anyways. Send a freaking email or something for crying out loud. At least then I would know what to tell the people! this may be the last nail in this coffin.
  3. Greetings, I have started a server on the Primitive+ Ragnarok Map. It has boosted Exp gains, Very fast taming/breeding and increased maturation rates for imprinting This is a PVE server, focusing on building and developing of characters/communities and dino's. The server rules as of now are: No Square houses. Get Creative! NO Human or acronym names! DO NOT build on landmarks, or block resource/loot caves! - Building inside of normal caves is perfectly fine Limit of 2 Wyvern's per person (I really don't like the lag death flying over an area because someone has hatched every wyvern egg ever found) I plan to build a "carnival" area, to have fun and games and sellers booths etc. Thanks for checking it out.
  4. Hi again, looking for the code to add in engrams from Normal Survival evolved, specifically the longneck and tranqdarts to my P+ server. Is this possible? and secondly, How do I add say, a featherlight to spawn on the server in place of a itchythorwhateverit'sannoyinga$$ is called. Thanks again, SirKarnage
  5. Hi all, Looking for some help here.. I've attempted to increase the max player level to 125. For some unknown to me reason, I got to level 112 and it stopped. I have 1245110/.54xxxx exp and nothing happens. I clicked the +add levels in the Modify Server Config > Player levels (thought it still only shows to 115) , and included the exp needed/engrams awarded ,, as well as adding the code directly into the game.ini file (copied the last string and just pasted it back including the new numbers (see example) I cannot figure out what is wrong.. ExperiencePointsForLevel[100]=50510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[101]=52510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[102]=55510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[103]=59510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[104]=64510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[105]=70510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[106]=77510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[107]=85510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[108]=94510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[109]=104510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[110]=104510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[111]=114510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[112]=124510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[113]=134510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[114]=144510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[115]=154510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[116]=164510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[117]=174510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[118]=184510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[119]=194510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[120]=204510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[121]=214510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[122]=224510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[123]=234510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[124]=244510,ExperiencePointsForLevel[125]=254510) Anyone see something I'm missing or ??
  6. Apologies, im just learning all of this... Is it possible to do this for JUST the specific mode engrams? I.E. hosting a Primitive Plus on Ragnarok server. I would love it if people could auto learn all the engrams as they reach that specific level, but only those of P+,