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  1. Hello! I have a new server up and running. It is a 3x server except for hatching and raising that is 5x there is no offline raiding and there are a few mods to make the experience a bit harder. We would love for you all to join our community! If you wanna suggest something like a new mod or to take one away we have just the place for that in our discord! Even if you just stop by to tell us how we are doing we would be greatly appreciative. There will also be events and rewards. To the first 10 players on the server you can get a dino from any map, BUT there will be some limits like no op levels on dinos that are already rather strong, and no free Gigas, Bosses, DeathWorms, Titans, or Reaper Queens. We will have events like the first tribe to beat all three of the bosses will get a reward that will be discussed. All Admin logs like spawning dinos, flying, applying god mode, etc. will be shown in chat to prove that there is no funny business or cheating. The main Idea is to have fun, fight, and beat the Ark. The server will change maps to DLC's to beat them as well once everyone has had their fair share. I hope to see you all soon! Thanks, and here is the link to the discord chat https://discord.gg/2K3vdXY To talk to me here is my steam weblink. Http://steamcommunity.com/I'd/whatsmyname?/ Here is a steam group to add to it. Http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Knoxsarkserver Toparkserver listing: https://toparkservers.com/server/ Sever Name: Knox'sServer? 3x Taming/Xp/&Harvesting *There are some issues joining the server* You can add the server to your favorites then join from there. Server IP: Ports: 20015 or 20016 *MODS* (will change) 761535755 -Ultra Stacks *NOTE* CURRENT MAP ABERRATION! The server is taking suggestions and is subject to change slightly. Discord chat is the best way to communicate with me. I am just wanting to have fun while raiding and other PvP is allowed. Some people have issues connecting to the port provided if it doesn't work, so here is another one to try 20016 , or you could search "Knox'sServer" in the "Unofficial" server listing on Ark. Due to the map and how new it is there is only one mod.
  2. Hello, I recently started renting a server from you guys and no matter where I look even on the survival launcher I can't find my server, but my friends can. this is what the launcher says https://gyazo.com/ab1ecd289f97bc45309bcd232599b2fd I can't find it on the unofficial server listing and when I try to directly connect to it I am just told that the server isn't responding. The only thing I can think of is to restart my router because i believe it thinks that I am the server so I'm already on it. please help hahaha. Thanks ~Knox