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  1. So mine is saying started and up but i have a warning on my control panel saying the version is outdated. I try to update it but it is not going through. and I cant find my server on the list...
  2. looking to add players to my server if your interested. Looking for chill players that understand the pretense of the game. I have 1 other with me and we will help you out if you need it and visa versa. No Admin abuse but i will spawn in SE and AB dinos under a trade. IE quetzal for wyvern beaver for thorny dragon and so on. There are rules to the trade though like the tame cant have any levels put into it. We are trying not to block resource spawns and hope you do the same. We do have a taming cage set up on carno island and those pillars are the only thing allowed on the island. You can pick up wild dinos and fly into caves. Floating damage text is enabled. If you just wanted to play you dont have to interact with us but looking for friendly chill players. Add me on psn via a friend request if you would like to join. psn: CameronH
  3. Can you stop time all together. I am a big fan of dawn like around the 4 30am time. If i put the value to 0 will it stop time all together?
  4. Ive tried to enable this multiple times. I have it pasted without the question mark in the modify server settings tab scrolled all the way down to GameUserSettings.ini Custom Code I still cant get it to work. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks I've even tried to stop the server update it then and turn the server back on and it still wont work.\ Nevermind got it working