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  1. HarmCEO

    Outdated version

    i always get that message after I update but from what I can tell the update went through so I just ignore until it goes away which is usually after i refresh the control panel page.
  2. HarmCEO

    custom maps

    yes. thank you. just wanted to make sure.
  3. HarmCEO

    custom maps

    Just curious to know if Im using a 2x2 grid with only 2 servers is it possible to use a custom map for one of my servers while using SS homeserver for my freeport?
  4. It seems the v1.6 loads fine. Thank you for the work you have been putting in on these custom maps.
  5. Im curious on how do you set this up? I followed the same directions you gave for using the custom map on another post but this time the server stops after it loads.