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  1. CPU leak is not the issue. That's some made up BS. Sorry you're dealing with this as I am in the same boat and my server has been down 48 hours and counting.
  2. Willing to bet the real issue is a DDoS attack that is above the level of protection of this provider. CPU leak is the worst excuse I have ever heard and doesn't make sense.
  3. Still down. Changing providers. I am not going to deal with this anymore. I tried out a company I was unfamiliar with and I regret it. Peace and good luck to those with the same problem. I hope they offer some decent damage control to those affected by this.
  4. GAME SERVER ID #34367 Pushing 48 hours of downtime. Status went from Unknown to stopped yesterday as support crews were working on the server. Today I am still unable to log in and the server status is back to Unknown.... I finally got a response to my support ticket which was a copy and past of there Twitter post. Not happy. I wish I didn't pay for 3 months at a time because at this point I am definitely changing providers. I doubt even an account credit will convince me to stay. Also spent some cash to sponsor my server on topconanservers.com which is a total waste... Sponsorship lasts for a week at a time and my server is already lost two of those sponsor days. Topping it off - who wants to join a server with now a <50% up time. My attempts at starting a early game community is being hindered by this... Oh yeah, keep blaming the game update.... That so explains why other game servers hosted by this company are down... it's not just Conan Exiles. Ark and RUST servers are also reporting the same issue.
  5. I am trying to be... What's frustrating is I have not even received a reply from support to acknowledge my issue is being addressed. I have owned this server for 4 days now and half of that time it's been down and not one of my messages have been answered. Unfortunately I went with the deal and paid for 3 months at a time, I regret this. Topping it off, the server I have been advertising since I purchased the server is down and therefore pointless.
  6. My most recent update on my servers control panel: IMPORTANT NOTICE We have identified an issue with the latest Conan Exiles update which has resulted in the latest downtime. We offer our sincerest apologies and expect things to be normal by Tuesday or Wednesay. In the mean time we are slowly bringing up 100% of our customers. If you are seeing this message we are still working on your game server. How is this a problem with the latest patch when every other provider is fine? Why do customers have the same issue with other game servers like Ark and Rust? None of that even makes sense... I have not been able to log onto my server since 8pm est yesterday and there is the possibility that I wont be able to use the server I am paying for until Wednesday in a worst case? Is there a plan to credit customers for the down time?
  7. GAME SERVER ID #34367 Staff intervention One of our staff members is currently intervening on your server. You may not start, stop, restart, or update your game server until the intervention lock is removed. At least the server is stopped now instead of unknown.... Nice chunk of downtime. Most of peek hours last night and all of today so far. My choices in this provider are hindering my ability to promote my server. I also spent some cash to sponsor my server for a week on topconanservers.com which no longer appears due to the server being offline. Server up timer percentage is also rapidly falling. I have yet to receive a reply to any tickets submitted yesterday...
  8. Sorry all - This server is temporarily down due to an unknown issue with the server provider... I am aware of the issue and have taken all steps in getting this server back online. Unfortunately this is beyond my control at this juncture. When I have more information available I will be sure to update. Not happy with the downtime and lack of response to my support tickets. As I have expressed in my tickets to support crew - I will consider changing providers if this issue is not addressed and measures are taken to prevent this from happening further. Server admins are paying for these server and an interruption of service should be avoided and prevented. This should not have been allowed to happen/last this long.... My server has been down for almost 24 hours now.... Making it difficult to cultivate a community.
  9. Game Server ID: 34367 Bought this server couple of days ago and didn't have an issue until last night. Currently have been unable to access my server for 24 hours... I opened a ticket and have not gotten a reply. I have paid for this server for 3 months at a time.... I am already considering changing server providers if this is not resolved soon. I also don't see how a NY hosted server has a constant 40-65 ping with no one on the server and I live in NYC.... There are servers hosted on the west coast and overseas that have better ping.... Fix these issues or I will be forced to take my money elsewhere. How am I supposed to cultivate a community with no server? My server rank and up time are decreasing making it more difficult to attract new players to my server... Cheers and godspeed.
  10. Work in progress but here is our server web page - http://impactserver.enjin.com
  11. Active Admins working on building an active community on our dedicated 24/7 PvP server. 2x crafting, harvest, exp. Message me on Steam for server Discord or any game related questions. Steam ID - Daspooch https://topconanservers.com/server/