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  1. the line can to be added manually to the gameusersettings.ini file request for this to be added in the "normal" config page has been made many times already if the credentials are visible then you should be able to use it with any decent ftp client the notion "can't get in" is not helpfull one bit by the way the only thing i can think of.. the buttons you mention will only show the files, not edit them in any way shape or form
  2. and how you do this with a cluster? can you have two lines in in the custom launch thingy?
  3. people usually say.. i'll report back... and they never do most people who solve the problem themselves after asking for help usually say.. solved, fixed, nvm.. but are not telling what they did, so it may help others, because it may have been something silly or stupid most likely in this case.. they're not supposed to spawn in SE at all
  4. Being able to give your 2nd cluster server a different name.. the "2|" in front of it just looks silly Would be very happy with a "%HOSTEDBY% - %MAPNAME%" system.. which would make a lot more sense as well to be honest oh.. and as always .. the "ShowFloatingDamageText=true" option which probably has been asked about a million times
  5. just asking, because on some servers i play they have them and some servers don't and when you died, they are back in your inventory.. as it is in single player
  6. never put massive weapons in the hands of idiots.. there is a reason they can't be tamed it happened dozens of times already that a poison wyvern killed it's rider and all of it is intentional, not a bug of some sort
  7. Hey all.. finally have my own server running and after a good fight to get the leveling at decent levels i noticed that the default custom skins from scorched earth are missing.. no safari hat and no thorny dragon saddle (and the others as well) is there a way to enable them?
  8. hey all... would like to see the option "ShowFloatingDamageText" to be added as well ( i know it's been asked ) secondly.. my page is always showing the red box warning about my ark version being out of date although it's just been updated.. perhaps it's a bug.. perhaps it's because it uses the map scorched.. perhaps it's my browser (safari on mac) ?? thanks! [edit] .. i saw that last question being answered elsewhere in the forum.. thanks!