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  1. Hello, this server's goal is to always be up for the years to come and never go down! This server is for you guys! It's as much yours as it is mine ! I got tired of losing my stuff due to un reliable servers! It is slightly boosted so new players can catch up, and slightly modded 3 mods (which download for you upon joining) -Currently no plan to ever wipe/reset this server. -Changes "will not" be made without the communities approval! - Gamma change at night allowed - Floating Damage text=true ! Each melee attack's damage floats so you can see the impact! - Cave Flying Allowed! - Tribe Structures are 50% stronger towards damage! - Body bags last twice as long! (30 min) - Map location on - 3rd person player view enabled/cross hair enabled - Structure decay period is longer! - Rafts allow 3 times more structures. - 'Currently' the tribe log is setup to say who/what broke your structure in case of such an event. - Probably forgot to mention some things - SERVER NAME: The Center 24/7 Castles & Legendary Dinos - MAP: The Center (offical ark dlc)(free) recently updated! - https://arkservers.n...4.210.188:17916 - IP - Max Player level 105 - Max wild dino level 240 - XP rate 10X (requires lots of xp for the higher levels) - Gather rate 5X (10x for narco/mejo/prime&hide) - Taming rate 10X - Hatching 5 X - Maturing 4 X - There is no offline raid protection. Nobody has raided or greifed anyone. Everyone seems friendly, 10-15 players different time zones. I have also turned down the amount of damage auto turrets cause to tamed dinos. Mod Names / ID's - I am in touch with the mod developers to let them know of any bugs. - Advanced Architecture Mod: 539464369 For the casltes! - Sevens Mod Kit: 656748741 For the Legndary Dino's and Powerful tranq gear to "only" be used on wild dino's. - No Collision Structures: 632091170 5mb Mod - SP Dicciculty Dinos: 689082274 0.5mb Mod for level 240 wild dinos. Best way to join is to add the ip address to your favorites through steam, and then it comes up in the game once you open it! copy and paste in steam click view then servers. You can also add me to steam! For the first time and first time only joining, it will download and install the mods for you! You may have to exit the game and restart the game a couple times! (unless you subscribe to them through the steam workhsop! Use the Id #'s listed above) Then its smooth sailing! See you soon !