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  1. The unknowns all should be taken care of now
  2. This can be done with a custom launch parameter ?ShowFloatingDamageText=true If you don't want to use Launch Params, you should be able to append this to the end of your GameUserSettings.ini via the Modify Server Config Tool (Without the question mark).
  3. You'll want to keep it around that level. A large multiplier can and will result in longer startup times and lag in game. Did you check what the dino amounts were when it was set to default of 1?
  4. @sleepystrangekid Data-center is intervening on that machine right now. Power loss earlier may have wrecked the hard drive.
  5. Yep, I see a few didn't automatically recover. Fixing these up now! ~5-10 mins.
  6. Looks like we're good to go on those IP ranges, green across the board on our end. Waiting on confirmation from data-center for complete resolution on the matter as their ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) failed to swap over to backup generators during a power outage.
  7. Just to clarify and reduce posts on here/tickets until this is resolved, these are the affected IP blocks: 207.244.x.x & 74.121.x.x Thank you for your patience!
  8. We're currently aware of a network outage with one of our data-center partners. Please be patient while we work with them to bring affected machines back online!
  9. Just post a ticket over on our support and we can look into it for you
  10. All settings can be managed from the Modify Server Config tool, which can be found on the right hand side of your panel
  11. This line is different per server. Click this icon here to get the info you are looking for. (Map needs to be set to 'Custom' in order to see this)
  12. I'm not seeing that machine going unknown (or down for that matter), we still have an uptime of 14 days on that machine. (Includes zero critical CPU/RAM/IO issues). We can relocate you, just ask for that in a ticket, or swap locations via the panel.
  13. We're working with the datacenter techs now. After reviewing the machine in question we've concluded there are no software/OS related issues causing these reboots. That machine will most likely go down once more (shortly) to perform a hardware swap for the power supply and will be back up shortly after that process has completed!