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  1. If the status says 'Stopped' but it was never stopped or terminated, does this mean that it's currently updating? I'm not sure if I should leave it alone, or attempt once again to run the update and click save settings and restart. I've done it 8 times with no luck, this time it's just sitting on 'Stopped' and has been for about 40 minutes. ID: 10452 I have never encountered a host where I had to wait this long for a rolled out update, especially those with large gaming communities who are founded around a particular game or service. I can only stall and attempt to make up some story for so long before things start falling apart.. makes things difficult.
  2. Newer server posted up for our gaming community but is public for everyone to play on. Thanks for looking. - The Island - 20 slots MOTD: Welcome to TehBuildBox -- Hosted in Los Angeles, California -- 8x Taming, 8x Resources, 5x XP, Aku Shima, Glass and Metal, Industrial Grinder, Small Dragons Mod, Building Xtras, Cooking Extras, Base Radar, Spot Lights, Wooden Bridge, No Collision Check, Stairs Mod, Neutral Bugs, Secret Stash, Temp Building, Dino Detector, Planting Mod Public TeamSpeak is ts3.tehbuildbox.com Other Info: No Download Surviors No Download Dino's No Download Items Egg Hatch - 3x Baby Mature - 8x Harvest Respawn - 3x Admins: |TBB| Xer0n |TBB| Matashki Ritzu
  3. Hi Gabeus, When selecting mods for ARK, keep an eye out for the mods that are Stackable. These mods generally have a green puzzle piece on them meaning that they do not affect core files and can be loaded in any order. If you're running non-stackable mods you'll need to re-arrange the mods in different orders in attempts to get it working. Also remember when splitting with comma's not to put any spaces between them, keep it a tight line.
  4. In your control panel click on Modify Server Config. Use CTRL + F (Find) and search Taming, you'll find Taming Speed Multiplier, this is the number you modify to increase/decrease the amount of time taming. I presently run 8x taming speed on my server. No idea what Dino Crafting speed is.