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  1. It appears that most of the options are back again. I was able to start a New York server.
  2. Hi. As the title states, I'm unable to order a new server for Ark in the states. Yesterday all 5 locations were available. about 30 minutes ago, only Seattle and Dallas were available, but I was looking to purchase one in New York. Now nothing in the states is available. Ticket # 110205
  3. Yeah, set the server to default rates, saw that all the individual item rates went back to 1. I didn't know what they were beforehand, I never touched them. But I'm all set now. Might be something for your staff to keep an eye on.
  4. So a bit of an update, I think the individual values entered in for a per-item basis are being taken very literally. I had 6x for stone, and 1x for wood and thatch. I haven't changed any of these settings before, but I believe those numbers are ringing truer than ever. It turns out that its not just the stones that are effected but a bunch of other items. I'm going to do as NexAngelus has suggested and reset the server to default settings, then reconfigure them with what I have originally set them at (5x gathering) and see if that fixes the issue.
  5. I'm trying to find out why my server has a gathering multiplier of 6 that only seems to be effecting me. The other players on the server aren't experiencing it, but when I log in and pick up a rock I get 6 rocks. Gathering from resource nodes (bushes/rocks, the like) also gives me excessive amounts. Checking the gathering rate of the server, both dino gathering and regular gathering rates are set to 1x. Before I dropped them down from 5 and 3 respectively, I was getting 30 stone per hand-grab on the beach. I've been looking through the server settings and can't seem to find this value. Also, because it is only effecting me I think it might be something associated with my character but I wouldn't even know where to look for that.
  6. Hello, I'm starting to have this issue. Tried updating several times over the past few hours with no success, still stuck on 227.1. 952330 is the ticket number, please look into this when you can. Thanks.