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  1. Still no post, or reply to my submitted tickets. Please, if you're looking into this, let us know. Really don't want to be annoying about it, but as you might imagine, the server population presses ME about it (but I don't think they're the least bit worried about being annoying). Server ID: 41117 Submitted support ticket yesterday Thank you for whatever assistance you can provide.
  2. I've been having this same issue. It goes through the update process, but never actually updates, and therefore, the holiday event never goes live. Already submitted a ticket for this earlier, but no reply as yet.
  3. Server will not update to most recent version. Server is crashing to a hard STOP every evening, but does not appear to have any problems loading back up when I update and load. Tried Updating and Validating. Server goes through the process, but is still on incorrect version and will not update. For about 2 weeks + now our server is stuck at Server Version: 273.56, after multiple attempts to update, it loads back up, but fails to change the version. The current Official version at this time is now at 273.83 after multiple downloaded updates. Please help address this.
  4. Our server was down for 14 hours with "Status Unknown". Support ticket seems to have fixed the problem... Reason provided was that "Unexpected Maintenance on the server where our server is hosted". I have to be honest.... "Unexpected Maintenance" for 14 hours is absurd in this business without any information provided before, or during this 14 Hour period. Hour 1... or how about 5 minutes into this "unexpected maintenance" all server admins should have received some form of notification. I don't even have answers for all the people playing on the server as to what is happening... this makes ME look bad, and Survival Servers look worse. A little communication goes a LOOOONG ways.
  5. NEW SERVER! Our server is now 10/30. Everyone is still just getting started, so there is LOTS of room to get a great location, and get up to speed. Currently running (Stairs & rounded walls/buildings + Glass Structures mods). We are looking for more easy-going, FUN, casual - serious players. Our server setup and community allows for both PVP (for those who WANT it) and PVE for those who don't. We do strongly encourage good-hearted, FUN, good-spirited pvp however. We are experienced - novice players. 2x tames, 1.5 times Resource gather. We want things to still have value, just not waste all of our time... Wild Dinos on our server are strong. We want there to be a challenge to players, even players that want a challenge outside of PVP. It keeps it interesting, and makes you consider venturing out unprepared. We have a full-time very reasonable admin and all admin is logged for the entire server to see. There is no favoring, or gifting etc. However, grieffers will be quickly dealt with, and anything lost to such acts will be replaced immediately via our Admin. As there is a very small interview process, we've yet to have any issues with Griefing etc, and look forward to other ARK players just looking for laid-back FUN! Please reply for a quick interview and get in and HAVE FUN with us!
  6. Thank you for your Reply Ryan. It's greatly appreciated. There was a server lockout for a bit while someone was workin on it. It's up now so I'm about to try it out. Thank you for getting back to me.
  7. don't think so. I've done none of that and mine works fine... Not sure about the # symbol in the pw... maybe simply try it without that... make a new pw without it that is... Besides that, what are the cheat commands you're trying to use, that you know they're not working? Like, EXACTLY how are you entering them AFTER loggin in as admin and "enablecheats ******** " Then hit enter, then "tab" and enter the admin command. What are you or have you been trying?
  8. Servers that wont update without crashing/rolling back...

  9. After the last disastrous rollback issue, we've been dreadfully avoiding the thought of updating again, but since we like nearly everyone else got patch - bugged into having an all-male dino sausage fest on our server we decided to risk it and update... Stinky select "Yes, run update" and select to save and restart, the server comes back up 4-5 minutes later having done nothing. Server version still showing 222.3. So, select "update" again and now the server has been down and "loading" for well over 2 hours... I did run; enablecheats ****** setcheatplayer true cheat saveworld Prior to the attempt at updating... I can only hope I don't have everyone reversed 12 hours of game - time work again.... I'll have a server mutiny. Please tell me you can get our server back online in a reasonable amount of time? I already submitted a ticket when our "loading c" time was near 2 hours... (ticket ID:520526) Please help before all the server inhabitants lose all faith...