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  1. I haven't found any yet. Would also be nice to have one for Linux and adroid for that matter.
  2. As far as I can tell, its the tool. I have the exact same issue.
  3. Did you enable cheats first? enablecheats password
  4. I played around with this and 1 is the default. I'm just going to throw in numbers as an example, but aren't going to be accurate. If at one everything is at the default decay time. Like wood = 5 days, stone = 7 days etc. Making it .5 cuts those times in 1/2. Wood becomes 2.5 days and stone 3.5 Changing it to 2 wood becomes 10 days and stone 14. Again these numbers are just an example and not accurate, but likely very close.
  5. #8625 It seems to be working again with today's update. Since nothing else has changed I have to assume there was something with the last update to this one.
  6. I'm using Arkon for my remote management, yet the last two days its had problems connecting. I can connect to everything fine otherwise. It started happening after a automated restart of the server. After a couple hours it was able to connect, nothing had changed. Having the same issue again today, yet it still wont connect and the last restart has been 5 hours ago. Just seeing if anyone else is having this issue. I have checked all my connection settings, and everything looks to be correct. Thanks!
  7. Server just launched on the 9-17-15 and looking for players. Its 20x across the board with a current level cap of 152. As admin I do my best to keep monitor of the server and address issues as they come up. Also have some ideas we want to try out, such as mini loot dungeons. Will be occasionally building small loot dungeons around the island that will house themed gear, appropriate to the difficulty of the dungeon. Example, small wooden base, with medium defenses, might have a ramshackle chitin armor set in it. Always open to other ideas as well. Hope to see you there!