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  1. 15 minute auto saves. This is the third time I've altered my configs, restarted the server, and lost tons of data. Just tried manually restoring a backup through ftp and it created and entirely new ark and wiped all player/tribe data when I started the server. and now it says the backup server is unavailable. I don't think the other people on my server are looking forward to redoing 2 weeks of work.
  2. This is the third time my server has rolled back to a save that's a few days old, every time I use the backup option on the web interface it has zero effect on the ark being loaded.
  3. Solved by support. Just reset your ftp password on the bottom right of the control panel and it should work.
  4. I can't connect to the server via FTP because i have an invalid username or password. My server is #9334.
  5. I tried to pay my invoice 3 times over the past few days but every time I go to the "account" section on the control panel the screen just turns white and never loads, it's consistent even now and my account is in suspension because I cannot pay for my server. My support ticket is 325197. I backed up my server files beforehand via ftp so I'm not worried about loss of data, just looking to get it back up as soon as you guys can help me out.
  6. Server keeps timing out when people try to join even though it's up and running, tried reverting to backups and updating but no dice.
  7. No problem, shouldn't be too long of a wait, they're pretty quick on adding functionality for hosts
  8. I haven't noticed this at all, seems like it might be an isolated issue.
  9. Have you tried backing up the save locally and then deleting the file via ftp?
  10. You would have to manually disable engrams, supply drops would still drop blueprints/guns though. I don't think it's possible to have a true "primitive" mode yet. You'll have to wait for them to add more customization.
  11. Survival Servers hosts servers, they don't develop the game.
  12. Ticket number is 505286.
  13. Apako Islands, I tried just adding it to the maps folder and editing the server parameters, but the map doesn't load in game, just kicks me out.
  14. Sweet, thanks man. Is there any info out there on what I need to replace? Do I just delete the maps folder and copy over the new one.?
  15. There are a few decent custom maps out on steamworks, is there any way for us to implement those via ftp? Hoping to change the map when we do our next wipe/reset, after we modify the rates on the server.