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  1. Yes! sorry I was traveling yesterday and got back this afternoon. The support staff was great at helping me troubleshoot that the world save was corrupted and helped bring the server back up with a backup save. I appreciate all the help I received getting this issue resolved.
  2. With the update to 338.24 being pushed this evening, The server has been stuck in a "load" state the only mods we're running on the server are Kraken Better Dinos: (1565015734) Castle Keeps and Forts Architecture: (1814953878) Super Structures (1999447172) In terms of following procedures to update I changed the drop down menu on on the Ark Update to Yes, Run Update and then hit the big green button on the bottom and waited 30 minutes. I created a support ticket: #430164 And the Server ID number is: 153201 Any help would be appreciated.