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  1. I found a fix. So reinstalling the 4 mods I had incompatible was becoming super annoying. So my girl friend who has the same mods as me and runs the server I was trying to join... had to be in build mode for me to join... LOL who knew such a simple fix... I was extremely confused when our versions matched mod for mod, version to version... same everything, I literally moded her game with all the same downloads, I used google drive and made a manual mod list of the zips in a new folder uploaded that folder, then downloaded it on her computer with the link. Unzipped then dropped the zip files in vortex... super easy way to get the same game as someone. I tried quite a few fixes, randomly could enter with a new charactor and couldn't... for no reason, nothing was making sense. Anyways it was the build camera mod and they just went into build mode... also it may be that the server owner has to NOT be in build mode for you to join. Hope this helps someone cheers! as of May30th 2021.