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  1. Hi there! A core of us have been affected recently by the "Incompatible Version" 'bug' over the weekend. I was rather perplexed how this came to be when everything had been working normally up until that Sunday midday for me. That evening, my friend and I decided to log and here we faced that dreaded "IV". I made sure to save our world, just in case, and saved it locally. I scanned the forums such as you have to find a solution. Many theories exist, but not one solution to rule them all. I am sure many of us didn't consider using "Valheim +" and somehow it got activated on our control panels, either with intention, or inadvertently. And this lies the problem, many users have activated their that mod feature without properly installing or not having it installed at all. IF that is the case, then you must go to your "Modify Valheim+ Config" go to "General Server" section and UNCHECK the "Enforce Mod Version Check". Save configuration, make sure your mod drop down box is select to "no mod" restart server, and it should start working for you. Another thing I've noticed via complaints by users is seeing the "???" on their version. This is a "refresh" issue and what I found that works for me after restarting a server, or logging into the panel is this. Look to your left where it says "Gamer Servers" click on that, then proceed to click on your server now and all the information that had the "???" beside it or "loading" should display the correct updated information. I also wanted to add that some users have mentioned their troubleshooting methods, which is the inspiration of this post. I hope it helps many of you.
  2. Does anyone have an update for their issue? I am having the same problem with my server. Everything was fine earlier today.