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  1. Mods can remove this. I have since figured it out.
  2. I have the stamina usage options selected in the VH+ server config. Where for the individual items it states "Each of these values reduces the stamina drain by this multiplier percentage" Is this x or %? Ive tried 10 and 100 for the hoe. My goal is for zero stamina usage with that item. Yet no matter what I set it to nothing seems to change the in-game usage. So either im misunderstanding how these values function or something else is wrong. Any tips?
  3. Thanks so much on this. my friend and I have been enjoining it ever since. All is well. Everyone was alot of help on the ticket.
  4. I have, thank you and the ticket was answered. Ryan wants the link to the Better Continents mod. I shared the Nexus link so hopefully that is okay. I can send him the .dll directly however im not sure how.. legal that is or not. Also sent the save files for the MiddleEarthBC world. So what now? Assuming he uploads the files to the correct locations what then will I have to do on my end to get it to work? Sorry I know this post may be redundant with the ticket open, but in the meantime I figure ill try t get as much info as possible. Here is the ticket itself. Id like to post it because it has further trouble shooting details. ------------ "Ive been trying very hard to figure out if I can upload a map made with BetterContinents. Im close. Lol. Ive been able to upload the .fwl and .db along with fwl.BetterContinents files to the worlds directory on the server via FTP. This unfortunately doesnt seem to work as I cannot "point" the server to use the "MiddleEarthBC" world. It creates its own regardless. So I tried using the upload save feature where I packaged the MiddleEarthBC files to a zip. The upload seemingly worked. However it states "BetterContinents Disabled for this world" on loading. And to my surprise the spawn point this time works, but its still in a random seed. Not to mention completely bugged terrain with floating trees and what not which im attributing to BetterContinents being disabled for whatever reason. However when directly uploading the .fwl/.db, ect BetterContinents does load. The map however does not. So how can I appropriately "point" my server to use the custom made map with BetterContinents?" ----------
  5. Id like to use the Middle Earth world I got from Nexus. https://www.nexusmods.com/valheim/mods/616 It uses the Better Continents Mod. Is this possible through Survival Servers at all? Edit: It looks as if I may need to FTP the BetterContinents.dll? And I see there is a "Modify FTP Password" option in the control panel which makes me wonder. Is that possible? Edit2: https://billw2012.github.io/BetterContinents-Docs/setup-guide.html Im stuck on step 6. "Point your server at the world you uploaded. How to do it depends on your server provider, there should be some mechanism to specify the World Name, or modify the command line of the server." - How do I go about this? The world/mod files are on the server via FTP.
  6. So far ive kept mine up. No restarts. But with todays game update im wondering if I should restart it as im getting the message in the CP stating "Outdated Version - Your server version may be outdated." - I made a separate topic on it, but id like as much information as possible on the subject before committing to anything. Id rather not loose my build progress on my server if it can be avoided.
  7. Just seeing this message in the CP. Options are set to Server Udpate: Only if Needed and Server Update (Automatic) - Enable. Ive not had a chance to log on yet. Will this be an issue? If I do have to update and restart the server will we loose progress? Its been over night so it should've saved with the 30min interval. But im just not sure if "restarting" is the same as resetting and wiping it all clean.
  8. Ehh... Now it doesnt work. Did last night. Not only did it not save the server in my favorites I can no longer contact the server. I tried the +1 to the port and its the same deal. Should I open a support ticket?\ Edit: Nevermind. It was stopped apparently. All good. Can delete this post.
  9. Any word on why I dont need to add +1 to my IP:Port? Is that going to cause issues? I get "Cannot contact server" if I tried to add the +1. Keeping it as is works though.
  10. So as far as saving progress at the end of each session we should just afk for a half hour after calling it? Im okay with that. Sleeping does nothing as far as saves go?
  11. So I was able to get this to work. Two things however. One is when hitting connect it takes me directly to it. This doesnt make the server show up in community. ( Both in game and in Steam ) So is that going to be a problem for friends or can they just do the same direct connect through steam like this? 2 is I did not require the +1 to the IP:Port. I tried that, but it said "Cannot contact server". Keeping it as it is worked though. Will that be an issue?