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  1. You need to wait for them to deploy the update on survival servers end so you can update your server
  2. You will need to wait ti they deploy the update
  3. i have 2 servers that are stopped and wont start and a 3rd that is stuck on loading. Got tickets in for all 3
  4. Ya I would like to know as well since I can't play until we can update. Its version 555.2 I believe
  5. Maybe we should send in tickets a week in advance letting them know a new update is coming so they can git it into their obviously busy schedule.
  6. Wonder if we need to start sending in tickets just in case they don't know about the update.
  7. Yep me and my tribe all updated and waiting now.
  8. I would agree. Over 24 hours and still nothing is absolutely unacceptable. Someone has seriously dropped the ball.
  9. From support We are still waiting to hear from Wildcard about sending us the update files, once we push the update we will put out a notice on twitter so our customers know they can update, again apologies for the delay we are working on this as fast as we can!
  10. I hear ya. The people on my servers are getting frustrated and keep asking me when I can update the server. This is the only complaint I have with as. The speed getting updates out seems to be slow.
  11. Anyone been able to update yet or heard anything new?
  12. They need to be on version 550.29. Mine are still showing 550.27 which was released oct 13th. Still no option to update.
  13. I cant connect either. I'm assuming we are waiting for them to deploy the new update so we can update our server.
  14. Is it possible to copy the server config from one server to a second server? If so how?