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  1. Thank you for the response. Will let you know!
  2. Hello All, Is anyone else having trouble with the event loading to their server? I have toggled the event in the advanced setting as was directed but the event doesn't seem to be live on my server. Any thoughts? There are also a lot of other events located in that setting. Will toggling any of them activate that event on an individual server?
  3. We can find our server but when trying to load it comes back with "Unknown Error". You can't seem to log into the official servers either. Has anyone else tried?
  4. Servers went down around 2 MST but came back shortly after. Now mine is down again, anyone else having this problem?
  5. Well someone here suggested to send Ryan a private message. However, you can't send him a private message. I must say, I'm pretty frustrated and disappointed at this point. Not a good first day here to say the least.
  6. Having a similar issue! I just got a new server and I can click the start button but it doesn't actually do anything. I have submitted a support ticket.