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  1. Hello,I am running a run/force update on my Ark Ragnarok server. It has taken 30-40 minutes each time, the screen refreshes, and it shows "Ark Version ???" as well as the server status being "Loading" instead of "Ready". My server is not visible at all when i search it, so im assuming the Update is taking so long to load that it just cancels out, causing the server to be un-playable since it is missing a required update. I have paid for a separate Ark Genesis server, which is running fine, but my Server Members cannot partake in Genesis as their characters are all trapped on Ragnarok (which will not update or allow to be played).Please help asap, as this will be day 2 of me not being able to play the server after paying for it. TICKET NUMBER: 297546 GAME SERVER ID: 101061
  2. Support ticket #281928. It has been around 45 minutes - 1 Hour and I have not received the email stating my account/server was created, my "Game Servers" tab is blank, but my "orders" tab says active. I cannot view, edit, or play on my server. Please assist ASAP.