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  1. Nick

    7 Days A20

    After checking their steam discussion page, that is what I had inferred as I could not see any clear post announcing its release. Thank you for clarifying!
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  2. It worked thankyou so much!
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  3. I don't understand how to add " " around the -mod=@modname if there are spaces in between. This is the copy of my Launch Parameters. Please just tell me where " " goes with My Parameters. I've tried so many different ways. I know I'm doing something wrong. I left spaces where they are on the file name. My Parameters -mod=@CF;@MoreFood;@ZomBerry Admin Tools;@Unlimited Stamina This makes no sense to me if there are mods with spaces next too ones that don't have any. Example: "-mod=@example;@mod;@folders" If I use that example.. -mod=@CF;@MoreFood;"@ZomBerryAdminTools";"@UnlimitedStamina" Only shows 2 / 2 mods and not 4 / 4.
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  4. Nick

    Minecraft Bedrock OP

    I do not believe that RCON is available for Bedrock at this time. Please submit a support ticket and we can get you added as an OP!
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