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Undead Society RP


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Who are we?
Undead Society RP, also known as USRP, was started by 2 survival game roleplay veterans from
multiple different communities. Started in Early 2020, USRP aims to become the biggest DeadMatter RP
Community out there with Active admins/Mods and servers free of toxic players. We aim to create a place
that Roleplayers can call home.

We are a fun and friendly community. We are focused on equality through all of our members in terms of respect towards each
other as well as hearing out everyone's opinions. We treat each person equally and fairly in our community to ensure
that members recieve the up most care from our Staff teams.

Our server is up at all times every day of the week at every hour. We are consistently updating the server 
and the website to ensure the roleplay experience is always professional,realistic,and extremely fun.
We offer many opportunities to grow and build the community with us.

We are happy to see new members in our community, so please take the time to fill out our whitelisted application
to get the most out of our community. We are ready to respond to your application quickly to minimize the wait time to join
the server. We use discord as our current communication for RP and quick information, as well as our website
for consistant updates make sure to check both our website and our discord. We hope to see you apart of our awesome
community very soon!

We are actively recruiting new Developers and Mods if you want to join our team please go to our website below
and go over to the Forms tab and fill out our staff form.

https://undeadsocietyrp.com/ :Website
https://discord.gg/jMRMgyu    :Discord


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