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How has Epic's pull affected you?


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Server owners, the big news for all of us the past week of course has been Epic's free offering of Conan.
In case you hadn't seen yet, they announced at only 9:18am (CST) that they had decided to pull the title from their offering.

I'm sure like myself, at least a few of you have also wiped servers in prep for the free offering, as with even the Steam free weekends, we tend to get large influxes of players, and those downloads are rendered invalid after those weekends are over.
So, with the game being potentially free for life for those that picked it up on Epic, I know I for one was scrambling to just get a wipe done, and get everyone hyped up, get extra moderators and admins ready, etc, etc.

So, how has Epic pulling their offering affected any of you?

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