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New (IRL) PVE Ark Self Preservation Society 6 server cluster

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(IRL) PVE Ark Self Preservation Society 6 server cluster



(IRl) PVE Ark Self Preservation Society Cluster

I nice straight forward cluster with helpful mods, will stats for enjoyable game but not too easy,  you can your time here,

or if you looking for a server to play part time, I sure we can be that for you,

there will be weekly event to keep you entertained , with tasks and and prizes, held on a sunday

Admin/owner is Paab1980
Online times after 7pm Monday to Friday (due to work)
Weekends: anytime

this is a 10x times cluster  max

Maps on servers are  Crystal Isles, Ragnarok, The Center, Genesis, Aberration and Extinction

Player max level set to 200
player levels up to 165
aberration ascension  15 levels
extinction ascension 15 levels
( points given after complete King Titan  by admin, this is in place of the tek cave
on the island please see game rules)
chitli bonus 5 levels

Max Dino level : 225
Max Tek Dinos level : 239
Max Wyverns & Rock Drakes level : 253

Max Rare Sightings Dinos level : 400

Mods On Servers

1. Super Structure
2. Rare Sightings
3. Kraken's Better Dinos
4. The last grapple
5. Omnicular v1.51
6. HazeStacks
7. Editable Server UI (WBUI)
8.  Night Of The Wicked

there are two donation packs and one starter pack to help players

all donations will go to towards the running of cluster,

rules post in server discord channel : https://discord.gg/cvmqgs

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