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If you don't usually, PUT POINTS ON LUCKY LOOTER within your first 2 days!

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I used to not put points on lucky looter until I was a few days in like 5 or 6. Yesterday I learned how great it is looting super early like day 1-3 while having 2 points on lucky looter. I have found 6 AK-47S, plenty of ammo, a blunderbuss with ammo, an auger, 3 pistols, a steel shovel, 2 iron spears, 40 glass jars, etc etc etc. I just wanted to point out how drastically better my loot is after only 2 points placed on Lucky Looter. 👍

Day 3 I looted a Poppin Pills and found 4 first aid kits, 12 first aid bandages, 12 steroids, recog, 2 fort-bites, 30 painkillers, 8 alcohol, 2 antibiotics, 11 vitamins, sham chowder recipie, boiled meat recipie, grilled meat recipie, and some other stuff.uc browser shareit appvn

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