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  1. I used to not put points on lucky looter until I was a few days in like 5 or 6. Yesterday I learned how great it is looting super early like day 1-3 while having 2 points on lucky looter. I have found 6 AK-47S, plenty of ammo, a blunderbuss with ammo, an auger, 3 pistols, a steel shovel, 2 iron spears, 40 glass jars, etc etc etc. I just wanted to point out how drastically better my loot is after only 2 points placed on Lucky Looter. Day 3 I looted a Poppin Pills and found 4 first aid kits, 12 first aid bandages, 12 steroids, recog, 2 fort-bites, 30 painkillers, 8 alcohol, 2 antibiotics, 11 vitamins, sham chowder recipie, boiled meat recipie, grilled meat recipie, and some other stuff.
  2. I just followed the instructions for putting a server on Ubuntu on the forum basically exactly. I made a config and port forwarded. When me or my friends put my IP in, they can see the name of my server, ping, player count, eta and if they try to put in the wrong password it tells you that you did so something it working clearly. But when we try to connect, it just gets stuck at the map screen and never loads (the one that says "xxx by bohemia interactive" in the corner)why is this happening?https://sarkariresult.onl/ Mobdro https://pnrstatus.vip/
  3. i have just bought arma 3 remaining night and became trying to play some struggle royale. i downloaded the game, the mod, and extracted it to the arma three folder in my application files (x86). i enabled it via the configure choice in game, however everytime i try to be part of a server i get an errors with a listing of documents and the message "those files aren't signed by means of a key generic via this server". did i reduce to rubble some thing whilst installing the game or mod? any help could be appreciated. also i hope this is the right region for this, i wasn't precisely positive wherein to put up this. thank you!vidmate mobdro word counter