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[UK] Ark Dynasty PVE 10xH/xp 20XT


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Ark Dynasty

This new server is perfect for players who want to Learn and enjoy ARK in a growing friendly community!

The server will part of a PvE cluster that includes all maps:
¤PvE The Island ¤PvE The Center ¤PvE Extinction ¤PvE Aberration
All coming soon!

Server Settings:
• Taming x20
• Harvesting x10
• XP x10
• 840 Wild Dino Level
• All Engrams Unlocked
• Fully Customized Loot Drops
• Cave Building Enabled
• Flyer Carry Enabled

Main Mods
• Primal Fear
• Automated Ark
• Structures Plus
• Platforms Plus
• Upgrade Station
• Dino Storage

Mod Collection link:

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