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New and needing support

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I am trying to figure out how to change the config files for my server, I am going into FTP but there is no way to edit them, and I can't see anywhere to download/upload a new file.


I have tried the pinned post but still feeling lost as none of the files appear to be editable. I am trying to change things like zombies run/walk, loot respawn etc.

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That use to be done Via XML which was just a case of editing the English code, They use something Called Xpath now which is a very different way of doing it, More complicated to learn but much better at what you can & cant do... A simple example of the old XML was that the code had to be edited directly meaning it would over write the core code within the game, Xpath gives you a Pathing system that points to areas but doesnt need to over write them, This code is added via memory while the game is running & once the game stops all code is gone with it till the next time you load up...


Log in Via FTP, On the left panel select desktop then on the right find server.xml this is your server settings which does basic things like walk run at night, server name & so on... I would give you my modded files plus others that I edited onto 1 set of files but I no longer have them as I cant stand Alpha 17... I personally think its ****


Great Site for info





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