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[PVP] Ragnarok - Clasic Flyers - 5xT 2xH 3xXP - Events - S+

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Hi, me and a friend recently made a new server together, and ofcourse we'd like to see more people!

A little about us, we're a big fan of Ark, and we've played it a lot together. So we had a chat and we agreed that making a server together would be a fun thing to do.


We're playing on the map Ragnarok and we enabled clasic flyers. So no more slow flying but rather just the way you used to do. We have 5x Taming, 2x Harvest and 3x exp. We woulnt want it to have the numbers to big, otherwise the fun goes away rather quickly. Also worth noting that it's an pvp server. So you're able to raid bases.


We also have S+ mod installed for better building methods.


Events will be hosted, once we have a little bit more players, and ofcourse we have a voting site up aswell.

There will be weekly rewards from voting. Everybody gets rewards, but the number one spot wins something special. :)

(Vote here: https://ark-servers.net/server/128528/ )



We hope to see you soon, and the more players, the more fun it'll be! :)

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