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Ark of Ages - Primitive+/Boosted PVE Ragnarok


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  I have started a server on the Primitive+ Ragnarok Map.

It has boosted Exp gains, Very fast taming/breeding and increased maturation rates for imprinting


 This is a PVE server, focusing on building and developing of characters/communities and dino's. 

The server rules as of now are:


No Square houses. Get Creative!

NO Human or acronym names!

DO NOT build on landmarks, or block resource/loot caves! - Building inside of normal caves is perfectly fine

Limit of 2 Wyvern's per person (I really don't like the lag death flying over an area because someone has hatched every wyvern egg ever found)




I plan to build a "carnival" area, to have fun and games and sellers booths etc. 



Thanks for checking it out.

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