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[EXPERIMENTAL] Setting Server Description / Image / URL


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So I've got my Rust server running fine with the plugins I need etc, but I noticed if I launch SS Panel and restart my server I lose the description, image and URL - so via RCON I simply did the commands again to set the description, image, URL and then save config, read config, but again if I restart they disappear, is there somewhere I can set these via FTP instead so they stay saved and load again on restart?


Many thanks to all and any replies!

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Ah sorry to bump again so soon, I noticed even when I am setting via console/RCON when I go to the main menu to load into my server I see "No server description has been provided." placed before the start of my custom typed description!


Many thanks to those reading and who will reply and assist hopefully :) 

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You can indeed. :)


In order to change your description for your Rust server, you will need to change the serverauto.cfg file in your "server/experimental/cfg" folder inside your servers FTP directory. (Directions at the bottom of this ticket.)

1. Access your server directory with an FTP editing client (see instructions at the end of the ticket on how to do this)
2. Navigate to the "/server/experimental/cfg" folder
3. Locate the file "serverauto.cfg" If the serverauto.cfg is not there you will need to make a new file and name it serverauto.cfg
4. Edit "serverauto"cfg" with Notepad++
5. Add a new line at the bottom of the "serverauto.cfg" file and put this: server.description "whatever you want the description to be"
6. Replace whatever you want the description to be with your description

Additionally, if you want a header image, you can add the line server.headerimage "url.jpg" 

To edit/upload/save/delete files via FTP, use the following method:

1. Stop your server from the panel
2. Log in to FTP using WinSCP (a free FTP software) using the connection details found in the "FTP Details" section of the game server control panel
3. Navigate to the directory you wish to upload or edit a file
4.After uploading your files in the proper directories, start your server from the panel
You may found a download link for WinSCP here: http://winscp.net/eng/download.php

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