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IMPACT Server (PvP) 2x Gather/XP

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Sorry all -

This server is temporarily down due to an unknown issue with the server provider... I am aware of the issue and have taken all steps in getting this server back online.

Unfortunately this is beyond my control at this juncture. When I have more information available I will be sure to update. Not happy with the downtime and lack of response to my support tickets. As I have expressed in my tickets to support crew - I will consider changing providers if this issue is not addressed and measures are taken to prevent this from happening further.


Server admins are paying for these server and an interruption of service should be avoided and prevented. This should not have been allowed to happen/last this long.... My server has been down for almost 24 hours now.... Making it difficult to cultivate a community.

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Still down. Changing providers. I am not going to deal with this anymore. I tried out a company I was unfamiliar with and I regret it. Peace and good luck to those with the same problem. I hope they offer some decent damage control to those affected by this. 

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