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Support for steam workshop mod collections [Ark]


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This would allow us to give users the link to the collection. With that they could pre install mods instead of hoping their connection doesn't time out in game. This would also allow us to use an existing user friendly interface (the steam workshop) to add/remove mods.


Also, I know of one specific problem this would solve. We ran into this problem a few days ago. It took hours for us newbie server admins to figure this out. One of the mods we had added was deleted by the author. This gave everyone trying to join a "Failed to install mod map" error. We had to go through our mods ID by ID to figure out which one it was. If it was a workshop collection, it would automatically display the mod as removed from workshop.


Please and thank you for your consideration.

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The problem with this is there is no designated mod order built into the collection. We can't just scrape all of the mods from the collection and randomly order them, some mods require being ordered higher than others.


Are you sure that hasn't changed? It lets me change mod order in the edit and then displays that order to public.

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