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E menu not working, giant raft disappeared too!!


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I'm running WIndows 10 PC on a private server, playing on The Center Map.  Spent the last two days building an enormous Extended Raft and when I mounted a ptery to fly to another location, I suddenly fell off the bird, drifted slowly to the ground and then nothing worked.  I mean NOTHING.  The E menu doesn't work, the newly built raft has disappeared, I can't mount the bird or get her to follow me.  I was able to swim to a small raft in the same area and get on board because it has ramps into the water, but can't drive it.  I might drown myself to see if I can spawn in another of my locations that have birds, but don't want to lose flyers in the process either.  


My server is up to date; even updated it again just to make sure but when I reopened the game, everything was the same and I still can't do anything except walk around and swim.  I haven't made any changes to anything, no new mods or any mods removed.  I will say that there have been a number of lock-up crashes since the most recent Windows 10 update on the 14th.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated; I'm stymied and desperate to know how much of the last few days' work I might have lost over this.  I really just want to be able to play the game and right now I can't!!



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I can't answer to a possible issue with Win10, but I recently had an issue with a mod that caused crashes for some players on my server. ( edit. Two players that had crashes are running Win10)


One of our mods had an update bug, found it after removing mods one by one until players weren't crashing. While you wrote that you have made no changes, your current mods might not have updated or updated with a corrupted file.


Perhaps list your mods,  someone else might have had similar issues and can provide more info than I have. ;)

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