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Narc Colony PVP [25XP-25T-20H] Dragons|ActiveAdmins|HealthyPVP


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We provide a very healthy and overall enjoyable PVP experience. We have very little rules, build as you please, just don't be a dick. Don't exploit, typically is a gimme. We don't necessarily support racism/swearing, but we're not completely against it. Use it at your own will, but understand, it can still fall under the main rule of "just don't be a dick." We'll be launching donations in the weeks coming with a website as well. If you're an active Tribe Leader, you are allowed to have a Teamspeak channel for your tribe. You must apply through a server moderator. Happy Arking!
25x Experience | 25x Tame | 20x Harvest
Map: Valhalla
Mod List: Au Naturale', Stairs/Rounded Walls, Better Beacons, Small Dragons, Eradicator 2.0, Aku Shima, and ACM.
Max Player Level: 216
Max Wild Dino Level: 150
Max Tamed Dino Level: 416   (How to calculate:   Wild Dino Level + Taming Effectiveness Level + 155 = Highest Possible Level)
Server is owned by Putana and managed by SirGreasyHobo.
TS IP: ts.alliedgamersfederation.com

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