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Starting a new RP/PVP project. Civil war/apocalypse setting. Hoping to attract a few of you to join up and give it a shot.


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Have a little project in mind, Server currently has only ten slots due to my not expecting many to be interested but here's to hoping. If I do end up drawing numbers in I will immediately expand the server. In the list it shows as CIVIL WAR(RP/PvP) (No mechs, standard DMG, high loot, ability to gain skills in safe zone). RP/ Story is [Welcome to the server, The conflict between Russia and Ukraine became disastrous eight years ago with the detonation of multiple nuclear weapons. The large Island nation of Scumeria located 1,280km southwest of Ireland suffered almost complete collapse. After the bombs there was complete radio silence from the world. Radioactivity increased in certain areas and slightly affecteted ground water and livestock, the government completely collapsed after the use of chemical weapons on our nation, Hell they couldn't even determine what country bombed us. It was quiet for three years then Groups of capitalists, communists, anarchists and nazis sprang up sporadically throughout the nation fighting over every resource and pushing ideologies. Caught in the middle are the innocent, just trying to survive.  Choose your side or just survive. I give vehicles and generous starter packs (1 time) to newcomers. Contact EchoFoxtrot aka Echo. Good luck, you'll need it here.] 

Loot is high quality and abundance making the several large P.O.I extremely valuable (hoping to create a war zone out of that) really hoping people will take a nerdy interest and be active and give me criticism and be involved in how the community ends up wanting the server run. This could be an extremely cool thing.  

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