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PVE Fjordur Modded 10 player

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I made a server that is still challenging and has a lot of the vanilla feel. Im looking for casual chill players that are mature. I want to progress but have fun doing it. There is multiple castles to occupy. I ask if you're not busy we do caves and bosses together. If you're trying to be annoying or a jerk ill just remove you. I'm a big voice comms guy so socialize. This is the modding:

Kraken Better Dino - adds features that mirror dossier. For example if a Dino attacks a triceratops in the front it takes damage because of the horns. Also adds a stomp attack to the triceratops. You would have to look up the mod for a lot more information. 

NPC Humans - they're jerks, I got tranqed by them at the most inopportune time. They build houses, etc. Not all of them are hostile, they also have base raiding off. This fulfills the thirst for pvp for me which keeps it interesting. 

Capitalism - there is two pre built villages that I made into market areas. I still have more work. My future plan is to make it so you can buy ammo etc, sell crops,  buy crops, resources if you have the coin. Resource crates spawn the coin and you have the ability to sell some things.  However, gear wise I'm still working on this. 

Better Spy Glass - I hate having to lookup about dinos. Adds information when you are hunting for tames. I haven't used it yet but a buddy said it was legit. 

Medieval Deco - takes vanilla items and gives a few more options.  Also adds a couple new benches like alchemy to make potions, new cooking stations, new storage boxes etc. Nothing to tecky and I think it gives a lot more options for game play. 

Roaming mini bosses - idk why I added it, haven't seen one yet. But heck, should be fun to take one down. 

Stargate portals - I haven't done anything with this but I thought it would be cool to use the village as a portal area that would go to caves. Not sure on this yet and I haven't done it yet.

Improved map - you can set way points for yourself.  Thought that was legit. 

Notable tweaks:

Taming 2x

Exp gain 1.2

Resource gain: 1.2

Resource health: 1.2

Short nights long days

Slowed food and water need

Slowed spoil timers on food but enough where you'll still get spoiled meat. Also the Medieval mod added a meat spoiling barrel.

Hit me up directly on discord if you're interested: Debotical#6152



Corpses stay for 2 days, clear your stuff


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