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Community Forum Rules - Please read if your post/thread got deleted

Ryan Pennington

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In order to clear up clutter on the forums, a couple new rules are now in place:

  1. Please only post a new thread if you have a new issue unrelated to any of the pinned topics.
  2. Please do not post in another thread about an unrelated issue.
  3. If your thread is account-specific or related to a known issue that's already being discussed on the forums, and/or is not beneficial to other community members.
  4. Do not post summary threads that are related to an open support ticket. We will reply via support ticket.
  5. Do not misreport or misconstrue game related information or service-related information. This is at our sole discretion and if we feel that your post is portraying incorrect views or information it will be deleted or we will ask you to re-write said post.

If your post or thread falls into one of the above rules, your post will be removed without warning/notification.

Remember, these are community forums, not intended for personal support

If your post was deleted or your account set on moderation...

Nothing personal, just an effort to clean up the forums! Please contact us via a support ticket for any questions.

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