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BepInEx Question


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Hello everyone,

The latest Valheim update (0.209.9) does not work with SurvivalServers' BepInEx version (5.4.19), as expected. I logged a support ticket and got a prompt response that as soon as the developer has issued an update, the change will be reflected on our server starts.

I am however concerned that this may take a while. The developer did in fact release an update this morning, though it was tagged for the Public Test Valheim version of 0.209.5. I can confirm that even though other mods will still be broken, BepInEx 5.4.1901 (today's release) works -- at least locally. My actual concern lies in the fact that the developer has not specifically tagged BepInEx 5.4.1901 as being compatible with today's Valheim 0.209.9 update. I reached out to the dev team and I am not sure they will update the Thunderstore changelog to reflect this compatibility.

Just curious what others thoughts are on this scenario? I believe the developer has put us in a precarious position but with BepInEx completely non-functional it might be worthwhile to to try today's release of 5.4.1901. I would be more than happy to test.


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This data is pulled from the latest release on GitHub. Im afraid they have not updated yet and one must wait for a new update to come out. I know that is what you were told in a ticket with us but the main answer regardless.

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