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TheBunker Banov - HighFps/1p/3p/30+ Custom Vehicles/Helis/Raiding/PVP/AirDrops/Drugs/Raiding/Tank/3x Loot


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Thanks for dropping by and checking out TheBunker! We are a community of players who all share the same passion and enjoyment of DayZ. Our server has tons of custom mods and plenty of activities to keep you busy during your stay. We care about our community and often host events to compete in for prizes. The staff team works hard around the clock to make sure that your in game experience is as best as it can be. Whether you enjoy PVP or PVE TheBunker has the ability to accommodate any gamers wants and needs. Our dedicated server machine helps maintain a stable frame rate and a lag free experience. Our dev team is always working to make improvements and changes to the server to make it even more enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you on Banov!
(Here you can find all our rules)
Server Information:
IP Address:
Port: 2502
  • Full PvP Server
  • Basebuilding++
  • Advanced Bank System/200k Start
  • Paycheck Deposits
  • Plenty of PvE Activities
  • Custom Keycard Vaults
  • Custom Side missions
  • Scuba Missions
  • Helis and Cars
  • The First Full Function Tank in DayZ
  • Air Drops And Drugs
  • Custom Monsters
  • HeliCrash's
  • Increased Loot
  • Special Banov Weapon
  • No Group limits

We have so much more available in-game for you to come on and try out first hand.

Join our server and start enjoying a One of a kind DayZ experience like no other!

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Been playing on the server for about a year and I love how active the admin team is with support, its not to overloaded with mods like other servers are but it's not super hard either. It's like the sweet spot in the middle 

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This is a fantastic server if you are searching for one to play on. The owners and staff team are always working on development to make the servers even better. If you have issues in game admins are on call 27/7 to assist. The community is really something special as well. I highly recommend giving the server a shot you won’t be disappointed. 

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  • Gazilla25 changed the title to TheBunker Banov - HighFps/1p/3p/30+ Custom Vehicles/Helis/Raiding/PVP/AirDrops/Drugs/Raiding/Tank/3x Loot

Joined the community a few months ago, great group of people. Lots of awesome activity's and custom mods. Unlike any other server you will play on. Check them out 

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