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Using My Server Offline


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Hello, quick question for you all.  I am new at this server managing thing, so this is probably a simple answer that I haven't figured out yet.  I have owned a server here for a while that my Dad and I play on and have built up.  We have not played much any more, and I was going to just save the server files itself to play them every now and again, but not have to have a dedicated server any more.  I downloaded the files, but when I opened them in Conan Exiles (not the server here, but I just replaced my single player save with this file) everything was there, but all of our doors and gates were locked.  

I know that this totally makes sense as the new player I created is not a part of the clan my Dad and I had going together on the dedicated server.  However, since there is no one to invite my player to the clan, is there a way to make this work?

Really just want to keep the fun stuff my dad and I worked hard on without having to keep paying for a server we are not using.  May again if we play more, but just not what we need right now.  Anyway, thanks for any help and guidance you can give!

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