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Unable to transfer to one of my cluster properly


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Hey! To explain a little more my server cluster is 3 servers. Servers A, B, C. When on A I can transfer to B just fine but when I transfer to server C (from either A or B ) it appears to work properly, and it shows the new spawn locations, but after clicking "spawn survivor" for any of the locations it prompts me to create a new survivor. I have to log out/return to the previous server to retrieve my existing character after this happens. Server C shows up in the "Join with Survivor" list just like server B does and they are all 3 setup with identical settings. Server C was initially set for Gen 2 and server B is setup for Gen 1, but the issue with server C continues even after changing the map to Extinction or The Island. All 3 servers are PW protected with the same PW. Any advice is appreciated! Ty 

Edit: After additional testing the issue also happens if I make a toon on server C and try to move to A or B. I also have disabled "No Transfer From Filtering" on all three servers. 

Edit2: Issue was resolved through support staff. 

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