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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, i searched it up everywhere but i can't find a answer to my problem. I rented a server at SurvivalServers for Ark: Survival Evolved and everything is working great, except a few things that hold me from playing. Note that everything i mention is what i searched up on google, tough punctually. This is the first server i rented and i have experience with it. I did have a Xbox One server for Ark so i have a good picture about the server configs. First of all, I seem to have a problem with whitelisting. Things that i tried: - I have to add my Steam64 id to a text file with directory "ShooterGame/Binaries/Win64/PlayersJoinNoCheckList.txt" but there was no file like that so made one with only my steam64 id in it. Icould not get in. - While whitelisting was off i got online and you the admincodes to whitelist myself and after toggle whitelisting on but it didnt work. If someone knows what i am doing wrong please tell me. I dont know excactly what to do when it comes to adding mods, but know i have to put de steamID after ActiveMods= in the gamesettings text file but there was such line as ActiveMods=. I noticed that there was an option to insert on the control panel do i did that. Now it becomes tricky for me, i have to actually put the mods in the right server folder. I don't know how to retrieve the files and i dont know what folder. On the last server that i played they had the floating damage indicators turned on, the same as you see when you hit a training dummy. How do i turn this on? Is it a mod instead? I tried adding ShowFloatingDamageText=True to gamesettings but that also didnt work. Since alot of walktroughs say that need to go to a folder that doesnt show up when i search for it it might work another way on SurvivalServers but i don't know. Waiting for a reaction.
  2. Will survival servers allow "whitelisting" when the private servers are up