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Found 48 results

  1. Hey everyone, I know on this site most people have their own server but I figured I'd post here as well. 5x harv, 20x tame, 20x mating hatch and maturing, Modded drops, ab variants of normal dinos i.e. ab stego, ab trike, etc., shoulder pets. My Rag server is clustered with my Center server which will be switched to Extinction when it comes out. The Center does not have the ab creatures but the same rates as Rag. Have plans for events, and we want beach bobs to be left alone till they can defend themselves. We want competition and desire a community that wants to compete. We have 30 slots for each of the servers. My tribe and I want to be involved and compete like any other tribe. Join our SonsoftheChomp discord if you have any questions and hope to see some of you guys on the server. Have a good one.
  2. new server of rust legacy net.connect jssyrustgamers.ddns.net:28015 In this server you will see pvp, arena,warps,ranges as vip or youtuber and kits and much more
  3. Oblivion [PvP] [PL300] [3xALL] [24HRESTARTS] [ACTIVE ADMINS] [DISCORD] (PVP) - Server is pretty much Open PVP, Dueling and Base Raids. (PL300) - Modded player levels currently up to "300". (Subject to Change), I believe this allows players to customize their characters in their own unique way so not all players will have the basic cookie cutter stats that official servers limit you to. (3xALL) - 3 times more XP/Resources (24HRESTARTS) - We're currently on a 24 hour restart schedule, I believe daily restarts are essential to a better performing server. (ACTIVE ADMINS) - Admins are generally online consistantly and are willing to help players in a reasonable manner. (DISCORD) Server is open to Oblivion users @ https://discord.gg/A2b7Xsd (Speak to an Admin if you're interested in having a private tribe channel on our discord) Hope to see you on the server -Omega
  4. Der neue alte Wasteland Server ist zurück Wipe 08.05. 2018Moin zusammen. Unser Server war zu Release der Alpha, der meist besuchteste Server der deutschen Region. Unser Server lief stabil, war nahezu zu jeder Tageszeit gut besucht. Nun nach so langer Zeit, dachten wir, holen wir den Server wieder aus dem Schrank. Wie der Phönix aus der Asche. Wir haben erhöhte Rates Wir mögen keine Avatare Sind zivilisiert, trotz PVP Wahrloses zerstören können die Ahnen nicht gut heißen Spaß haben wir bei Met und einem Spiel Wir versuchen den Server wieder zu dem zu machen, der er mal war. Die IP https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ TS: DC: https://discord.gg/8pUXaZG https://conan-exiles.com/server/34229/ Schaut vorbei, Teamspeak vorhanden. In dem Jeder Clan seinen eigenen Channel bekommen kann. Bis dahin Asenheil und Wanensegen Brüder
  5. If anyone would like to join our server called Eternia Clans (He-Man Theme) pvp gatheringx3. The server is 20 slots, with short nights. Eternia Goal: The server is for light RP based on He-Man theme. It's a friendly server that enjoys warring but in a fun way. There will be many events that will be organized in the theme with lite RP. Admin is usually always available on discord to contact. He is also open to suggestions and will consider them. If you would like any other info please contact me on discord and speak to me Chiara#3047 or Bennor#5257 discord.gg/yYhhJY These are the current server settings: Vac Protection: enabled Items in inventory are dropped on death Anyone can look player corpses Harvest amount Multiplier: 3.0 Combat mode: pvp Experience Multiplier: 1.0 Thrall Conversion Multiplier: 1.0 Item Convertion Multiplier: 1.0 Idle thirst Multiplier: 1.0 Active thirst Multiplier: 1.0 Idle Hunger Multiiplier: 1.0 Active Hunger Multiplier: 1.0 Restrict PVP Building damage: Off Durability Multiplier: 2.0 Day Cycle speed: 2.0 Unconscious Time: 600 sec Max Clan Size: 5 (can be changed)
  6. Arma 2 - CROSS-MOD - Server : Cherno-Namalsk-Overpoch-Origins The Chernarus winter server was changed to a Cross-Mod Chernarus server. I removed the winter mod which also made the server show up on the dayz launcher. This is now a normal Chernarus Map with Origins Vehicles Namalsk Bloods plus the Gauss Rifle Mutant Hearts Virtual Garage and more! Of course you still have access to all the great weapons and vehicles from Overpoch as well. There are Banks Tanks Thermals Jets Elite AI and Custom Content. You even get $5,000,000 and a Starter Base when you join. As always High Loot = High Risk. Come check it out when you can! See you inside ... ManUp CROSS-MOD | Cherno-Namalsk-Overpoch-Origins | $5-mil | Banks | Kits | V-Garage IP Players 3/64 Virtual Garage Bloodsuckers Origins Vehicles Gauss Rifle Suicide Auto Run Earplugs Tow & Lift Safe Zones Bury Bodies Take Clothes Harvest Hemp Flip Vehicle Plot For Life Click Actions Service Points Locate Vehicle Custom Traders Global Banking Plot Management Tanks and APC's Attack Choppers Free Spawn Kits Deploy Anything KO Melee Combat Group Management Scan For Players Scan For Zombies Treasure Hunting Turn On/Off Grass Snap With Vectors Custom Trader City Garage Door Opener Safe Zone Relocate Custom Action Wheel Vehicle Key Changer Humanity Spawn Kits Custom Event Crates Change View Distance No Spawn Restriction Custom Debug Monitor Player Zombie Shields Sell On Site Missions remote vehicle options Humanity spawn vehicles Community Localizations humanity spawn classes Custom Military locations Custom Cap & Hold Missions Custom NEAF / NWAF / BALOTA Door Management With Eye Scan Much more ...
  7. Hello peepz! I've setup a server with the Ragnarok map and looking for people to join, i have a few friends comming, but the more the merrier ofc! Link for the server: https://toparkservers.com/server/ Im running 6 mods atm: Automated ARKStructure +Bore Water KitKibble TableBaby Premium CareHC Stacking mod. Most rates on the server is 20x, and hc stack makes it stack to 5k and also -90% in weight. Player and dino weight stats are increased so players can spend more points in health, stam etc to make PvP more fun. For raiders, i'd like people not to wipe other tribes and just take what you need from a raid. This way we can raid more and spend less time on rebuilding bases and more on making defence and gathering resources. I will also be recording/streaming for youtube content, so if you build a base you want me to try to raid, just let me know ingame! I really hope people will join my server as i plan on creating a cluster if it gets popular! Raid on peepz! Cornflakez YouTube Instagram
  8. Come join my server! I am going to boost experience, farming, taming etc. Just enough to make game progression faster but not too much to make it overkill and no fun.
  9. Hello everyone, I host a cluster server that currently has minimal activity going on and I'm hoping to expand that some. There is a Discord channel that is also highly dedicated to this server but also available for talk outside of ARK as well.The server is slightly modded with Castles, Keeps, and Forts, ORP, Meat Spoiler, Stacks Only mod, S+, and the Super Spyglass. Here are basic modifiers with more details being on the Discord (it's a long list...) 8x taming 4x experience 4x resource gathering 4x spoilage timer (items last 4 times longer) 4x custom recipe effectiveness 12x breeding/egg hatching speed (subject to be decreased) Dinosaur experience curve flattened and can level up to 120 times as opposed to the normal current amount. This allows for more passive level-ups on non-combat, non-gathering creatures. Cave fliers allowed. All player stats per level are doubled. Engram point allocation greatly increased at higher levels to allow small tribes enough points to learn virtually everything. With SE engrams being applied on Ragnarok this amount may be increased further. Damage numbers enabled, at least for now. https://discord.gg/fuFQTcT Even as the admin, I still abide by the general playing of the game like everyone else. I will even admin color a few elite dinos of your choice! The Discord channel contains all the information needed about the server but if anyone has any questions, I'm more than happy to answer! If you can't find the server, use the link below and select the server of your choice! https://arkbrowser.com/servers?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=Xinmar&page=1 Here are the servers. The regular server is Aberration, number 2 is Ragnarok. I'll add in that right now Ragnarok has been recently wiped so it is a level playing field!
  10. Hello! I have a new server up and running. It is a 3x server except for hatching and raising that is 5x there is no offline raiding and there are a few mods to make the experience a bit harder. We would love for you all to join our community! If you wanna suggest something like a new mod or to take one away we have just the place for that in our discord! Even if you just stop by to tell us how we are doing we would be greatly appreciative. There will also be events and rewards. To the first 10 players on the server you can get a dino from any map, BUT there will be some limits like no op levels on dinos that are already rather strong, and no free Gigas, Bosses, DeathWorms, Titans, or Reaper Queens. We will have events like the first tribe to beat all three of the bosses will get a reward that will be discussed. All Admin logs like spawning dinos, flying, applying god mode, etc. will be shown in chat to prove that there is no funny business or cheating. The main Idea is to have fun, fight, and beat the Ark. The server will change maps to DLC's to beat them as well once everyone has had their fair share. I hope to see you all soon! Thanks, and here is the link to the discord chat https://discord.gg/2K3vdXY To talk to me here is my steam weblink. Http://steamcommunity.com/I'd/whatsmyname?/ Here is a steam group to add to it. Http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Knoxsarkserver Toparkserver listing: https://toparkservers.com/server/ Sever Name: Knox'sServer? 3x Taming/Xp/&Harvesting *There are some issues joining the server* You can add the server to your favorites then join from there. Server IP: Ports: 20015 or 20016 *MODS* (will change) 761535755 -Ultra Stacks *NOTE* CURRENT MAP ABERRATION! The server is taking suggestions and is subject to change slightly. Discord chat is the best way to communicate with me. I am just wanting to have fun while raiding and other PvP is allowed. Some people have issues connecting to the port provided if it doesn't work, so here is another one to try 20016 , or you could search "Knox'sServer" in the "Unofficial" server listing on Ark. Due to the map and how new it is there is only one mod.
  11. I am writing this post in hopes of getting a few people on our server(my buddy and I). It is called Pitfall 24/7 PvP Starterpack. It is boosted but not alot. Starterpacks include one animal tame, one high quality melee weapon and one set of hide armor. Most areas are open to build. The Castle is open and Lighthouse is open. 40 slots total and I have 3 people currently. I am looking to start events, but I can't if there isn't anyone around. I would also like to get some Arena battles started. Ps4 and Ragnarok map currently. if anyone is interested come online and find us we would be happy to help. PSN: SuperG434
  12. 9/23 VelocityGaming.org NoLAG/NoWipe/15T/10Xp/5xG/S+clasfly WE HAVE OUR OWN WEBSITE (in the title) We built this Server originally probably for the same reason you are here looking for a new one. We wanted a server that: Had 24/7 uptime An admin that was mature and wanted fairness and didn't spawn in stuff and raid unfairly Good ping Fast rates for people with a real life aka families,jobs Fair play PvP Non abusive gameplay Great active pvp 100% uptime One year paid for server, you never have to worry about your home dissapearing.. we will be here for a long time. A good community .... and as you can imagine it's a lot to ask for a Ark:Survival Evolved server. We here at VelocityGaming are going to bring that experience alive. Jump in, chat with us on discord and join all the action. Thanks for choosing us as your home! Here is your Direct server ip: !CURRENT RUNNING MODS! RAWR Beacons (levels in F1 info)-- 557147187 Bitou2k's Binocular(better than super spyglass, doubles as gps and compass) -- 1136125765 Editable Server UI (Press F1 ingame to view detailed server info and rules) -- 924619115 Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator -- 554678442 Death Helper -- 566885854 Pet Finder -- 566887000 Meat Spoiler -- 569786012 ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection (3x stronger structures when offline, not invincible) Charcoal Baker -- 622608522 Bulk Crafters -- 633831197 Reusable Plus -- 693416678 Kibble Table -- 774762563 Bore Water Kit -- 730794403 Structures Plus -- 731604991 Echos Stacking Storage v2.2.3 -- Ultra Stacks -- 761535755 Classic Flyers -- 895711211 Ammo Pools (Fixed!) -- 925789347
  13. !29/07 Havoc PvP Ragnarok ORP S+ 10xXP 5xH 8xT Hello guys this is a brand new server that has been released on the 16th of July. Please visit this website to join easily: https://arkservers.net/server/ or add this IP to your favourites in Steam>View>Servers>Favourites "Add server" then input the ip: This server is vanilla based with a few tweaks (quality of life mods). The community is pure and non toxic and we are all friends here and I will make sure that is constant. Map:Ragnarok. Mod list: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=917838051 If you have any mod requests or bug reports please contact me or post it in the discord channels. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/xBGPaw4
  14. General Server Info This is a PVP Server, PVP is encouraged, but keep in mind that if your actions hurt the overall server population, then you risk being banned. Rates XP = x20 Harvest Rate =x15 Server Taming = x30 Max Player Level 120 Max Dino 180 List of installed mods & rules below. ~Server Rules~ • No cheating. The use of 3rd party programs (Aimbot, ESP, etc.), bugs, and/or glitches is strictly forbidden. This also includes Exploits of bugs or glitches. • Tribes are limited to 1 bases. • No Building on Obelisks, Artifact Caves, Penguin Spawns, Deep Sea Loot Crates. • No Raiding your own tribe from within. IF you choose to leave a tribe, you leave with what the owner of the tribe says is yours, or nothing. This is to prevent complaints of inside raiding. F12 (screenshot) what the owner says is yours so there is no confusion. • NO pillar/foundation spam. Clean up taming pens after use. If you are found in violation of this rule, the destroytribestructures command may be used. (Pillars/Foundations may be used within the walls of your base) • Your base is limited to the size of the ORP Bubble, choose base locations wisely. Anything beyond the orp bubble is at risk to offline raiding. • Any offensive structure that is used for a raid must be destroyed after the raid is done. • 8 Players Max Per Tribe • All Dinos enabled Installed Mods - Difficulty 6++,Scorched Earth Plus,Dino Colors Plus,Reusable Plus,Structures Plus,StackMeMore (v1.08),MiniForge,Mini Vault,STARTER KIT,Meat Spoiler,Pet Finder,Death Helper IP=
  15. The Center: Scorched Earth: Server Discord: https://discord.gg/wgDMdUs (All information is posted in the Discord too) Server Rates: Harvest: 15x Experience: 15x Taming: 40x Hatching: 25x Maturation: 46x Max Player Level: 120 Max Wild Dino: 180 You CAN learn all engrams Mods: S+ Boss Spawner for SE/The Center (allows TEK tier) Ammo Pool Stackable Foundations OSM Admin ACM Resource Stacks Resource Stacks SE Difficulty 6++ Reusable Plus Bulk Crafters Seven's Forge Kit Egg N Poop Collector Death Helper Pet Finder ORP 2 Beacon Enhancer The Blackhole Storage Mod Raft Extender Allskins Chest Naval Warfare and Logistics Server Rules: This is a PVP server. Don't complain if you get raided. No abusive language (racism, homophobic slurs, etc). Raiding is encouraged, wiping is not. Don't needlessly kill passive dinos. Don't kill freshspawns No building in caves or blocking resources. There are 4 admins in total (Steam names: XanatosEsquire, MakeMeFamous, Arstroph, Cat Samurai). "Admin abuse" will NOT exist on this server. If you believe an admin is, report it to Xanatos and he will go over admin logs (and send to you if you wish).
  16. Come Check Us out! PVP PVE RP Noob Friendly with 13 Mods that are Killer for Builders and Non Builders alike. Many Common areas Just waiting for RP (Role Play) a Large Hotel, A Tavern, Many Outposts and Lots more. We have a website for Suggestions and a Teamspeak Server. Loading 13 mods takes time the first time you log in to the server so be patient. Its well worth the wait and the server may time you out. Just re try a few times and you should log in fine. after your initial log in the mods will not time you out anymore. With 2 Admins the server will never be out of date for long. The Website is: http://thesavagelands.enjin.com This should answer most of you questions and If you are still unsure try us on Teamspeak: thesavagelands.typefrag.com Password: 1234567 Hope you give this server a try John Savage Server Admin
  17. http://steam://connect/
  18. Active Admins working on building an active community on our dedicated 24/7 PvP server. 2x crafting, harvest, exp. Message me on Steam for server Discord or any game related questions. Steam ID - Daspooch https://topconanservers.com/server/
  19. New 2.5x XP PvP server out. Performing better than the majority of other servers. Join for competitive and friendly gameplay.
  20. Server Name: Ark of the Earth (4XP/4G/10T) 1/22 wipe Steam group: Ark of the Earth Style of Play : PVP Server IP: steam://connect/ (Copy everything that's underlined and paste into your address bar to directly connect) Location: Dallas Team Speak Info available in-game via an admin Map: Shigo Islands Taming: 10x Gathering: 4x Experience: 4x Dino Mature Speed: 10x Egg Hatch Speed: 10x Mod: Mods Page
  21. Welcome to A Brave New Ark! 2x Experience 4x Gathering 10x Taming 40x Breeding 2x Crop Growth Speed 50% Crop Decay Speed 2x Night Cycle Speed 2x Stats for points put into Weight on Players and Dinos 2x Health Recovers on Players 5 Member Tribe Limit No disease. Whips in White Drops Do unto others as your would have done to you. Unless your goal is to create enemies... in that case, every server needs bad guys XD. *PLEASE NO PROFANITY*
  22. Greetings survivors! Fresh server with the limit of 40 players - we will expand if needed. The Admins are friendly, helpfull and openminded - Not abusing and wont participate in tribe wars/raids. We do our best to keep the server clean from ruins and laggfree - meaning, if a RAIDED base is inactive for more than a week, we will remove it completely. We are working on events in different size. Example: King of the clubs ( Club fights on a Treeplatform ) The love of Taming and How to train a Raptor. No Scorched Earth dinos. We see no fun in dragons
  23. Hello Everyone who Loves Ark Mods? I have a server idea that might just be to good to be true. A server with 30+ Mods within the Mod list that all work together! Starting January 13th 2017 of this next beautiful year! For more information Visit my brand new Facebook Community! https://www.facebook.com/Thatarknatives-Modded-Community-1341831149169071/ This page will be kept up daily and responds to Questions/Inputs about anything in Ark! This is a full-on Pvp server where trolling isn't viable. Anyone joining this world will have to work in order to advance but will still be able to quickly become powerful(within 1 week solo) enough to defend themselves. Raising Babies is Slightly Better with Consumption at .80 making it 20% less food they require. I also fixed Egg Hatch Speed along with Maturation to 5 as you can also tame wild babies! Mating interval is .75 making them bread 25% more often. Food Spoils in twice the time, it is okay there is 2 different spoilers within the 30+ mods Experience Points are easy at first with 5 times XP, Gathering is 8 Times so houses no problem, Taming is 5 Times(They Eat Faster Also) Crops are at 10 Times growth Rate making Kibble Viable, Also did .50 for their decay speed making them consume less. Laying Eggs for dinos is better .50 so 50% more eggs, right? or 2 times the Eggs (IDK) More Eggs though! Realistic feel by dead Bodies stay around way longer! Resources Respawn at .50 so twice as fast? I still don't get it but they come back quicker! Trees, Rocks, and Animals. Offline Raid Prevention on WEEKDAYS that is MONDAY 10 Am Pacific ALL the WAY Till Fridays 6 Pm Pacific Ark Says that Fridays shall be Weekends! All Dino stats are Basic Annunaki and the other Mods adjust leveling to approve offset to keep game challenging(I did Crafting Speed) Custom Recipes are 5 Times better then just eating berries cook them into meals works great at this rate! If you read this far you must be some what interested for more information go to https://www.facebook.com/Thatarknatives-Modded-Community-1341831149169071/ I will be inputing all information about server by January 1st 2017 So that everyone can see the fun in advance! I don't have an actual name for server yet I will update this post when me and my comrade figure out a potential name as I literally just rented this server!
  24. Bad Wolves Official PvP 20x steam://connect/ Host IP: Host Name: Bad Wolves PVP 20x Ark Comes Alive [11/27] Admins: Melborne, Fatetaker Bad Wolves Public Steam group page Our Mod List https://youtu.be/BfNssC2wWpk Server Settings Map: The Island (+ Map Mods) Max Level Cap: 120 Max Wild Cap: 600+120 (max tamed level 1020) Difficulty Server! The server generally has 20x every setting, unless otherwise specified. EXP/Harvest/Tame: 20x Breeding: 20x Food/Water/Stamina: .5x (Including Dinosaurs) Increased stat growth per level Increased experience per level requirements Increased tamed and wild dino damage About our server Our server is hosted by www.SurvivalServers.com and has 50 slots. Our population growth has more than doubled in the last twenty four hours, and will continue to grow by the public and the Bad Wolves Gaming Community. Server upgrades are imminent. We have two, very active, administrators on the server that can be contacted in-game, or through Steam, 24/7. More information on our server, including: Rules, Events, Community Voice Chat, etc, can be found in-game, through the custom Server Information UI by pressing F1. Or on our steam public group page listed above.
  25. Hello! I'am the main Admin for 10X Center Chronicles! You can find me under the name Lulu when you join. I strive to give you all the best experience possible while your on our server. I do not play myself to keep things fair, alot of people have issues with Admins who actually play the game on other servers. I want to eliminate this by just providing my support, and creating fun events along with Mods in the future for you all to enjoy. There are NO rules when it comes to this server. You may build freely and raid freely. If you fancy yourself a stealthy Assassin raided by all means, or maybe you prefer all out war on a battlefield. You can be whoever you like here. When it comes to human decency we will not tolerate harsh behavior over global. That is all we ask! Ex: Talking about doing harmful things in real life to a player, etc The server is brand new and needs inhabitants! There is no apha tribe yet, so the race is on survivors! WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU JOIN! Each player will be given their choice of a farming animal listed below: Anky Doed Beaver Pelican Raptor Mammoth Trike Stego (More may be added later) They also will not be over the starting level of 25 to keep things fair. It is 10x after all! To get started click the link below! http://toparkservers.com/server/ Make friends, and speak up in Global! Welcome to your new Ark!