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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome To Red Lands PvPvE V2! We are a low-pop, minimally modded server dedicated to helping players that are new the game, as well as providing a more relaxed experience to players who are searching around. Our server is up 24/7 with continuous Administrator support and an active community, listed below are some things we are currently offering: Starter Packages Unlimited Run Loot Stash (Player V. Player Trading Outpost) Land Rover Defender Spawns Donation Based Loot Deliveries Clan System Territory System Global Chat/Party System Server-wide Challenges w/ Prizes Noob-Friendly Environment Increased Loot Spawns + MUCH MORE Join the Discord and meet the community here: https://discord.gg/jnnGxKgg4c
  2. _______________________________________________________________________________ Advanced Trading 2.1 mod by Zupa _______________________________________________________________________________ This Mod is designed for people who want Advanced Trading without Single Currency Coins. It is also designed so you can have it for SC also. It is a nice cleaned up version. See at end of the post for more clarification on how to change it, and how to add the mod to one of your folders instead of putting it into the root directory like the original instructions say. _______________________________________________________________________________ Installation is very simple and require minimal attention. Zupa lays it out decently on some forums but not everybody searches it so I am posting it here for our community without having to go out looking for mods. Step 1. Download your Mission PBO and Server PBO from the SS panel. (always download a working copy before adding mods) Download the advanced trading file I posted to this Topic, and put the "zupa" folder in your mission pbo root directory. Go to your fn_selfactions.sqf Usually in your "DAYZ_CODE" and then COMPILE Paste the following: _buyV = player addAction ["Advanced Trading", "zupa\advancedTrading\init.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; s_player_parts set [count s_player_parts,_buyV]; Directly above: // Database menu _buy = player addAction [localize "STR_EPOCH_PLAYER_289", "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\show_dialog.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; s_player_parts set [count s_player_parts,_buy]; So it looks like this: Save and move to Step 2. Step 2. Go to your description.ext (in your root directory of your mission pbo) Add the following to the bottom of the file #include "zupa\advancedTrading\ZSCdefines.hpp" // if u don't have it from ZSC #include "zupa\advancedTrading\advancedTrading.hpp" Step 3. Make sure the following exceptions is in your antihack. (if you have infistar). SS did a good job of putting in most common exceptions so typically you should be fine. 711197 To find out where to put this if you don't know it is in the section of: _ALLOWED_Dialogs = _ALLOWED_Dialogs _______________________________________________________________________________ SECTION BELOW IS FOR CHANGING CURRENCY To change it so you are using Single Currency Coins do the following: Open your zupa folder or whatever you named it and go to the config.sqf Z_SingleCurrency = false; //Change that to true (if you use coins) DONE! SECTION BELOW IS FOR CHANGING THE FOLDER LOCATION Unlike other mods, you cant just put zupa into your own folder and change the calls and defines to point to that folder. It wont work and it can break your server by interrupting it's load definitions. Open your zupa folder or whatever you named it and go to the config.sqf Z_AT_FolderLocation = 'zupa\advancedTrading'; // Here you want to put the location where you plan on putting the folder. Then make sure you do the following steps to ensure the mods loads. Change the folder location (wherever you put it now or named it) in STEP 1 and STEP 2 EXAMPLE: Let us say I wanted to change the 'zupa' folder name to 'Special'. Here are the steps I would do to ensure it loads. First: I would rename my folder Special. In Step 1: (fn_selfactions.sqf) _buyV = player addAction ["Advanced Trading", "zupa\advancedTrading\init.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; s_player_parts set [count s_player_parts,_buyV]; //I WOULD CHANGE THAT TO THIS/// _buyV = player addAction ["Advanced Trading", "Special\advancedTrading\init.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; s_player_parts set [count s_player_parts,_buyV]; In Step 2: (description.ext) #include "zupa\advancedTrading\ZSCdefines.hpp" // if u don't have it from ZSC #include "zupa\advancedTrading\advancedTrading.hpp" //I WOULD CHANGE THAT TO THIS// #include "Special\advancedTrading\ZSCdefines.hpp" // if u don't have it from ZSC #include "Special\advancedTrading\advancedTrading.hpp" In the config.sqf: (the one in the original zupa folder you downloaded) Z_AT_FolderLocation = 'zupa\advancedTrading'; //I WOULD CHANGE THAT TO THIS// Z_AT_FolderLocation = 'Special\advancedTrading'; That's it. remember if you put your newly named folder or the zupa folder in another folder make sure you change all the paths including the one in the config.sqf to match your location. Any question feel free to comment. All CREDIT TO MOD AND IMAGES AND FILES GO TO ZUPA. AdvancedTrading-2.1.zip