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Found 2 results

  1. I found this server on ark ps4. In the process of making, LAND, SEA & AIR Arenas. The idea will be a normal server, with a bit of a twist. Level up your dinos, and get them ready to be crowned champion of the Arena. 2 ways to get special gear. Random drops & Winning in the Arena. More information will be coming soon about the 3 Arena's being built and the rules of the Arenas. The Question is will you be strong enough to win and be crowned champion of the Arena? Server is called Battle Arena im pretty excited to start training up some dinos and seeing where this server goes! Think it will be fun seeing it grow from the start.
  2. So this is a bit of a headache, I selected defaults for these settings assuming they would match up with official servers. And now that my community has Dino's and leveled them I don't want to take their work away from them. But I am really annoyed because they're almost double what default is. According to the wiki and the forums, after taming a Dino you should be able to level it up 66 more times. However we are able to level ours 120 times >.< I noticed there is an option to go back and customize this to bring it back down to 66. But speaking for current and future users of SurvivalServers.com please try to keep default settings actually default Thanks EDIT: I am also aware that default difficulty on official is 5 and your servers are 4... This was an easy fix that I caught right away since no Dino's were above 120. However it took quite a while for me to discover by max leveling one of my Dino's that your default Dino levels were also incorrect, hence this post.